Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Energy Audit

People on the telephone keep bothering me about energy auditing. I wish they would stop phoning. They start the spiel by mentioning the Federal Government. I don't allow them to get much further.

I don't need an energy audit. I know just what they will say.

  • Change shower heads: We have tried other shower heads and flow restrictors and we just don't like them.
  • Shorter showers: We are both usually quite quick in the shower. Occasionally I take the luxury of standing under the shower for an excessive time, but rarely.
  • Buy a front loading washing machine: Fine, when this one irreparably breaks down.
  • Use cold water for washing: It is fine line between water temperature and clean looking clothes. Tepid works ever so much better.
  • Only wash when you have a full load: Most of my loads are full! and if not I adjust the water level lower.
  • Change your incandescent light bulbs to energy saving bulbs: We have a few incandescent bulbs and they are in lights that get minimal usage, plus, I don't like the light from the energy efficient ones, plus I have a stockpile of the old.
  • Block off drafts: The only place any air gets in here is under the balcony door. I have been known to block it off with a towel during particularly bad wind events when I can feel a drafts but otherwise some fresh traffic fumes are good.
  • Put curtains on the windows: Nah. Not like. Not for here. We may tint the windows in the future.
  • Fully load dishwasher before use: Yeah, we do, frequently. Sometimes even more than once a day. Occasionally we stretch to two days.
  • Adjust air con temperature lower in winter and higher in summer: Why? What is the point of having air con if you can't have a comfortable temperature? Summer setting is 23/24, winter 17/18/19, depending how we feel and who is more convincing when they are pleading that they are hot/cold.
  • Fix dripping taps: We don't have any of those and our lavs don't run either.
  • Install dual flush: Oh, let me rip on this one. Yes, we have dual flush. I don't think my habits are so unusual, but three full flushes seem to now do the same job as one full one did pre dual flush. Same amount of water, if not more.
  • Turn off lights in rooms that are not being used: I am not a kid, I do turn lights off in rooms when I am not in them.
  • Turn off appliances at the wall: I do where I can. You try and get behind our tv cabinet and turn the tv off at the power point. Pay your own chiropractic bills.
  • Reuse shower water: Yuk. And where? On two indoor plants and two outdoor plants that get watered about once a fortnight?
  • Turn computers off: Why? I may miss that all important life changing email, hopefully from Tattersalls. I leave the pc on but the screen goes off after two minutes and the hard drive winds down.
Can you think of any more suggestions an energy audit might suggest that we could implement and I will tell you why we can't.


  1. I tried to fix a leaking washer in my laundry the other day, nothing short of smashing the tiles off the backthing will get that washer removed, so it stays. I hate it but when you're renting there's only a certain amount one can do.

  2. Darls, these energy audits are cold calls from the companies contracted to conduct the audits - I've already dobbed one mob in (24/7 Green) and was told they are NOT ALLOWED to cold call people and hassle for appointments for audits.
    Feel free to tell 'em they're breaking the law when next they ring!

  3. "Change your incandescent light bulbs to energy saving bulbs."

    We can only buy energy saving light bulbs over here now. And they're total crap.

  4. Landlords's responsibility Fen, but what about if you had a tube spanner, that is a metal tube with the right sized shape at the end?

    Jayne, I don't have the energy. Easier to just hang up. None this week so far.....ah, could be a Garrett reason for that.

    We can only buy energy saving ones now too Brian, with exceptions for special bulbs, like fridge, oven etc. Agree, I hate energy efficient bulbs. Slow to light up and not a flattering light.

  5. Nup, the landlord is not responsible for washers apparently. Tube spanner would be good if you could get the tap head off, it's not one of those removable ones. I've given up, I have a bucket under it and I will water the pot plants with the drips!

  6. Go to Bunnings, they'll likely have a tap like yours on display, ask the plumber how to remove the cover. Okay? Make use of capitalism, it can save you money.