Monday, February 22, 2010

Car Park

If you paint your carpark black, then you may well need some remedial work such as painting fluorescent orange bands on the walls and pillars. Just a carpark in Kingsway we often walk past.


  1. Great tip! Orange is my favourite colour after all :)

  2. ha ha ha I bet they had a few accidentals before they installed the reflective tape!

  3. Looks like a crime scene surrounded by orange tape. Presumably the owners are expecting something nasty to take place at some point.

  4. WTF? Why paint an indoor car park black????!!!!

  5. Better to not paint it black Cazzie.

    There quite a few scrapes visible Fen.

    Brian, perhaps a building collapse when someone takes out a pillar.

    Rather defies logic Evol.


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