Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The break downs go on

Clothes dryer, fixed by me.

Dish washer, fixed by me.

Computer, fixed by me.

Television, not yet fixed after three weeks since the first call. Carting R's tv back and forth from his bedroom, no dvd or sound system plugged in, absolutely fed up. Should be repaired on March 01. I will write to Samsung demanding some recompense. Clearly a defective part and only a few months out of warranty.

Kitchen halogen light, kind of fixed. Insulation is on top of it and I need to cut the insulation away to stop them overheating. Very Garrett topical.

Surely must be the end of it.........nope. Wait, there is more.

Ignition button on hotplates broke off. Fixed by me, well I glued it back on. Not sure it will last.

Car park scrape by R. Fixed next week.

Pepper grinder failed to proceed. Dislodged battery. Wonder who might have slammed it down on the table?

And the latest? Cheap and nasty plastic rollers have broken up on the balcony sliding door. We are replacing with stainless steel. It was bouncing along as we slid it. Now it has failed completely and dropped.

I can cope, just. But there is much door slamming and yelling in the highrise.

I just is not liking 2010 very much so far.


  1. Right...so when are you going to fix the Middle East conflict?

  2. When is your next lot of days off? I reckon you should go for a short trip, soak up some Sun, or take a good book...or even, if you go to a beach side place, have a good perve, haha. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout honey!
    Haha, never mind, I am on night shift and taking my break now, just chillin'.
    Apollo Bay is a nice spot by the way! My suggestion is a place that a friend of hubbie's just took over the management of. All you have to do is walk to wherever you want to go, or hole up for a few days with room service :)


  3. Anonymous11:48 pm

    They don't make things like they used to, do they.

  4. My apartment is falling apart and it's only 4 years old!

  5. Easy one that Brian. Appoint women to govern.

    The luxury of multiple days off Cazzie. It would be nice to get away for a couple of days, but who would I go with?!

    Took the words from my mouth Anon.

    Maybe we aren't doing so badly then AR.

  6. You're pretty handy, not just a pen pusher huh?

    -Robert the Undeletable.

  7. Appoint women to govern huh? You forgotten Maggie already? And what about that crazy yankee bird, how would you like her as vice president of the world?
    Wake up. You're getting romantic.

  8. I was a classic 'take a watch apart to see how it worked' kid. There female exceptions who should be kept out of any office.

  9. You showed curiosity early on, so did I. It's optimism, and why we've survived.

    (There are female exceptions who should be in RH's harem)

  10. Andrew,

    We had Maggie bin Thatch over here a few years ago. That taught us a lesson. No more women in power...they're worse than the blokes. Certainly more evil and unforgiving. Having said that, I'm not sure if she was a woman anyway...or even a human.

  11. Brian, I eagerly await news that surely can't be too far away. What she did to working class people in England was truly evil. Lucky you are not among the working class.

  12. Cazzie has the answer - I have been reeling off lists of broken things of late - its phenomenal - maybe its the aliens

  13. Maybe MC. I like my home though and I like being here. I want it to work.