Wednesday, February 03, 2010

ABC Melbourne

It has been a long time coming, but finally ABC Melbourne and at least ABC Sydney, not sure about the rest of local stations, have a new homepage. Gone is the billious green and I could actually find what I wanted, unlike in the past where I would click on umpteen links before coming across what I wanted, often by chance.

Also included is an easy to use contact form.

Now the old site was not really very old but it was bad from the beginning. This time credit where it is due, well done this time ABC. Best I leave the site now before I find something wrong.


  1. Yes, it was a VERY pleasant change when Tony alerted me yesterday !
    The other had obviously been designed by an IT expert (heavy on the ex and the pert of water under pressure).

  2. Oh the new one is so so so much better. You're right, the old one was very much a find by chance affair!

  3. Jayne, I could never get over the green. What possessed them?

    And Fen, they knew it was bad. They even made semi apologies at times, or at least local broadcasters did. We can blame Sydney of course.

  4. hallelujah! Thanks for the alert Andrew. I had been avoiding recent green site - as you point out dreadful user interface and impossible to find any thing you wanted. Haven't had much of a chance to look around the new design yet but on first look it seems very professional.

  5. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Glad you enjoyed the video Andrew - nothing better then pommie humour.

    I hear BBC is taking it up.

  6. A relief Altissima. I am a bit annoyed at our money being spent on the last one. The one before that was ok.

    Chris I assume? Yes, pommie humour I get very naturally. My only crit is that he/she should not have said fuck. It would have made the naive character better.

  7. Anonymous1:51 am

    "We can blame Sydney of course"

    You reckon?

  8. Anon, I don't actually know if SBC was responsible for the site.