Monday, January 18, 2010

Ta ta Lynne

I take on board all views I hear, including those from blog mates, but still I have my own thoughts.

I will guess that at State Transport Minister knew this would be her last term in office when she was asked to take on the portfolio. She knew she was not going to be popular. She may well have done some good work. I don't know. The results will be a long time coming.

I tried to recall a popular Minister for Public Transport from the last three decades and I struggled. Pauline Toner was not hated. Steve Crabb was not hated. Peter Spyker was not hated. But the rest were. In my memory, Crabb was the only one who did very much. Sadly pumping tax payers money into gloss does not rate highly with me. I think he was responsible for the abolition of the MMTB. Not a bad thing. It had passed its use by date. It was time for modernisation. Whether what came of the process was good......well that is pretty doubtful with hindsight.

Kosky may well have been a good lobbyist for a better budget share for public transport, but let us face it. The situation was becoming untenable for the government and some improvements, remedial action and projects had to get underway.

While my memories of public transport are very clear when it was under the control of the Kennett government, our present government has had ten years to, if not make us a better public transport system, to at least keep it progressively improving. They have not.

That is one decade of no new trains, no new trams and barely any new train or tram tracks. Massive subsidy of private buses goes on and on and the dollars have increased umpteen times. And then what about taxpayer's money that goes to shareholders in foreign countries who run out train and tram systems?

Lynne, I wish you well. You were just a small cog in the wheel of neglect of public transport and a huge expenditure on roads and freeways.

Remember folks, it is the swinging outer suburban car driving electorates that count, although be afraid inner city Labor members. Be very afraid.


  1. Hi Andrew

    As you know, I'm an ex-Londoner and I don't understand why the MYKI system is so problematic. Oystercard in Greater London worked pretty well from the off - none of us expected that! It's been going well in London for 5 years. Surely the technology is even better now, so why all the stress in much smaller environment?



  2. It would be hard to be the public face of a much maligned system.

  3. "Old boy" media campaign made Kosky even more unpopular than the portfolio itself.
    When your public servants are pissing in your pocket and telling you it's raining, Brumby, Kosky, et el, it's time to listen to the people, instead.

  4. Pants, funnily I heard this morning a list where there have been problems when this kind of system has been introduced, and London was not among them.
    An NZ city, I forget which, has bought its system from Hong Kong and adapted it. I can't understand why we have to continually re-invent the wheel and I don't take much faith in any explanation that I have heard as to why an existing system could not be adapted.

    Raelene, an episode of Yes Minister where the worst punishment was being made Minister for Northern Island. Similar hey.

    Jayne, I know you will say yes to this, but are Ministers really so dumb that they would take advice from their leagues of minions without question?