Friday, January 29, 2010

Symon's son's cancer

Red Symons on radio this morning said a little about his son and how he has had recurring bouts of cancer since he was four years old.

His son will tell the tale on Australia Story on the eighth of February.

Symons is quoted in the Sydney Daily Telegrah. "I did feel that he might well be misrepresented and treated in a rather tabloid way," he said.'

The Terrograph goes on to say. "Australian Story: Samuel's Story goes back to 14 years ago Samuel came home with a headache from school and was diagnosed with a brain tumour."

I don't know who to blame, but from horse's mouth this morning as I recall it, "He kind of fainted at creche".

ABC publicity department or the Terrograph?


  1. I'll have to try to remember to watch this, I've not heard much of Red as I'm not awake early these days.

  2. Thought you might have heard him at the other end of your day Fen.

  3. Occasionally I do, a lot of the overnight work I do is Friday/Saturday nights, so I'm more likely to hear the weekend crew.

  4. Missed this as my radio wasn't charged up and died at 3am.