Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sleepover and Carnival

Little Jo had her first night away from her parents last night. Sister and the Bone Doctor celebrated their tenth anniversary with a meal at Mecca Bah at Docklands and spent a child free night together.

R was magnificent with Little Jo. He lay on the bed reading to her until she dropped off at about ten, very late for her. He then left her and went to his own bed. I woke at three and she was sleeping soundly. At five she woke and started crying and R heard her, got up and found her standing next to her bed crying out for Mummy. He took her to his bed and few minutes later she fell back to sleep and woke at seven. By nine we out at a playground at the bottom of Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. Sister had taken her to the sand playground once before a year ago and she remembered it. We then took her to Portabella on the beach for breakfast where R and I had taken her six months ago and she remembered being here too.

We were in Sister's car and collected her from South Yarra Station. Little Jo was overjoyed to see Mummy coming up the ramp.

It had slipped our minds that it was Midsumma Carnival Day. Sister took Little Jo off to meet up with other Rainbow Families in the KidZone.

An aside, a phone call from Mother. Dreaded Nephew is now driving Late Step Father's car. He recently attended Falls Music Festival which apparently is a dry event. Not so for him. He filled the car's windscreen washer reservoir with vodka. I am not sure if they had to operate the washers to get a shot. So enterprising. I am proud of him.

About 1 we wandered in Carnival to see who had died and who has survived since Carnival last year. There were still some familiar faces around. We came to the realisation that there are now two generations of g&l younger than us.

Carnival this year was smaller, better set up and had more of a community feel to it. We had to put proof of age wrist bands to enter a drinks area. What a joke, but not a funny one. Absurd really. It was, weather wise, the coolest Carnival I can remember. Very pleasant.

We wandered around after a drink, had a bite to eat and coffee, wandered a bit more and came home. Our behaviour is now so very tame to what we used to get up to at Carnival.


How many gay Asians live in Melbourne? Thousands, it would seem.

For the first year I noticed a large number of gay Indians.

Although there were a few African looking people, I suspect they are 'western' Africans. Not one Somali or Ethiopian type African was there. Clearly none are gay!

Usually there are so many dogs underfoot, you end up treading on one's foot. Did not seem to be so many this year. I still stood on a dog's foot though and apologised to him/her.

The same does not go for children with gay parents. There seems to be g/l baby boom happening. We saw the cute babies two guys adopted from India and featured in a tv show. Quite pale skinned girls I think.

Photos from the day in order of snapping.

The Spirit of Tasmania sailed away from Station Pier while we were at the beach this morning.

Yes, this machine at the sand play park works, but it is quite difficult to operate. Of course I tried.

Myki, our new Victorian public transport system ticketing system had its promotional truck at Carnival. I did not see much interest.

And the Sherriff had his truck there too.

We et a Morrocan Baby Burger each. Appropriate in the circumstances, we thought and who could resist the 10% more baby content.

Who yo callin' trailer trash bitch?

Portable ATM? Of course. The wheels were clamped, maybe a favour by the Sherriff, lest it be motored away for a Sunday drive by a stranger.


  1. The shorts in the last photo are hideous. That is all :p

    [Comment value: $0.02]

  2. I read there was going to be loads more events out in the 'burbs this year for Midsumma, might explain the quietness of Carnival.

  3. Ah DA. Good comment. So many times I wanted to nudge a young man and say, excuse me, do you know your trousers are falling down. Agree though, not a flattering look.

    Plus it is very early this year Jayne. At least two lots of friends did not even know it was happening. I barely knew. I think there ares some significant events happening west this year.

  4. I want to go to that restaurant that you mention above. Friends at work say it is a lovely place to eat.
    Looks like Little Jo would have had fun of course :)
    Love the images of the carnival. If I weren't so sore I'd have takent he kids for sure. Next time I shall :)

  5. Cazzie, after much explanation, I worked out which one it is. Sits over the water. It did sound good, not too expensive except for wine, but then cocktails were quite cheap.

  6. i thought the bad shorts lad was having a wee on the van!!!

  7. Maybe he was Fen. Look out for shocko.

  8. Anonymous5:22 pm

    What's a Moroccan baby taste like?

  9. Sweet and spicy Anon. Nice, but a bit small.

  10. ATM's from a car!!! Will wonders never cease

  11. First for me too MC.