Friday, January 22, 2010

RocKwiz and the Girl Icons

It is fun looking back at what I have written at times. Way back here I wrote about iconic Melbourne women. I am sure I left off some at the time and time marches on, so there are now more.

Back here when The Girl Who Wished She was Australian, in the US, wrote about Melbourne's present Lord Mayor Doyle, she mentioned some writing by Catherine Deveny. The Girl judged Ms Deveny from the The Peoples' Republic of Moreland somewhat critically. I can understand that. Worse than reading her writing is perhaps listening to her when she is ranting mode on the radio and that could possibly have elicited an even stronger response.

Any stranger to Ms Deveny could easily be offended with a one off read or listen. But behind the brash, up front, confrontational, controversial and provocative wife and mother, is a real person who I feel an affinity with. I too struggle to understand the world and its inequalities and injustices. I can only thank someone that I was very lucky by birth and that is all it is folks, luck. Anyone of us could be about to take our last breath after the most horrible suffering of being buried under a Haitian building for nine days. Or more commonly, an African baby just starving to death. Tens a day or is it hundreds?

Not very cheerful, sorry.

So, I will raise Ms Deveny to being an iconic Melbourne woman. Long may she be outrageous but still get a social justice point across.

You want more. Hmm, not sure about this one. I like Tracy Bartram on the radio but I am somewhat relieved her stint has finished. I struggle to keep up with her at times. By jove, she is fast. At some point her growing up in Dandenong must become boring. At some point her recovering alcoholism must become boring. At some point her son must become boring. At some point Warburton must become boring. If she just slowed down a bit, she could string her history out a lot longer. But I like her and so she will have status as iconic Melbourne woman.

You are wondering by now what this has to do with RocKwiz. Well, I have another to add to the iconic Melbourne women list.

I am sure I say this every year, but I cannot recall the christmas new year non rating period of our television stations being worse than they have been this year. One difference is that we have two digital recorders and so can record a lot of things if we aren't home and the other being that there are many more tv stations in our digital age. But STILL, there is nothing to watch. Don't forget that I have to take into account that it must be a mutually agreeable program to watch, and I mostly half watch while I am sitting here in front of the pc.

RocKwiz has been around for eons, but I have never seen it. In utter desperation I recorded an episode of RocKwiz, and found it very much to my/our liking. It is fast, fun and witty. I was surprised that it seemed to be focused quite strongly on music that I knew a bit about. I held my own in the quiz. I have subsequently watched a few episodes.

I have heard the host on radio in the past, in fact she has had her own fill in gig on ABC Melbourne radio in the past. I liked her when I heard her. But there is more to Julia Zemiro than just what you hear. You have to see her too. She is very attractive and a skilled performer in front of the camera and an audience. She alternates between being harsh, sassy and flirtatiously seductive. I confess, I am cheap. I am seduced by any woman who has dark hair, black eyes and wears bright red lipstick. It gives them a stamp that I feel comfortable with. That the show is filmed at the Espy (hey, great website) in St Kilda and that it has has very talented musicians is pure bonus.


  1. ooh I love Julia Zemiro. You can have Tracy Bartram, if i had to listen to one more insomnia induced hour of her arrogant, self aggrandising drivel one more second I was going to punch myself in the ears til they bled. I don't know a lot about Ms Deveney other than she writes self opinionated things for the Age. But if she lives in Moreland then she can't be too bad, we're a great bunch of eclectics here ;)

  2. "...there is more to Julia Zemiro than just what you hear."

    I don't need to hear her, to be honest. Just looking at the photograph is doing it for me. Any vocal effects would probably ruin it.

  3. I'm with you and Fen; quietly cheering to hear Red is returning to the airwaves this Monday. Julia Zemiro is a classy, smart cookie, she held her own on the history quiz ADbc on SBS. Mz deveney makes me giggle on FB and as she gets up the noses of the likes of Bolta then she gets a thumbs up from moi :P

  4. Julia has no end of fans at our place, she's great. Good looking, entertaining - the whole shabang.
    I know Tracy Bartram has a small fan base, but honestly, i've never tuned into her, so can't clap or slap her.
    And Catherine, acid tongued Catherine. I loved reading her Saturday Age article on telly viewing, so she gets a plus from me too.
    Good list. Got one of Male icons?

  5. Brian - she speaks French fluently if that helps ? lol

  6. I think you get your point across about TB, Fen. I think Deveny may have coined the phrase Peoples' Republic of Moreland.At least, I heard it from her first.

    Followed to a conclusion Brian, I would hope you would like to hear some audio from her.

    Jayne, it seems we all agree that we are relieved TB is off now. Ah, so Deveny is on FB. Well, I suppose everyone is now, almost.

    Raelene, glad you approve of Julia. A little bit of Tracy goes a long way. Why no male icon list? Dunno. Maybe because I would judge them purely on appearance, that is not very objectively. I did do one on sexy older men, but that is not quite the same as iconic. I will give it some thought.

  7. I have a off/on thing with Catherine Deveny. Sometimes I really hate her, other times I think she is funny and has a point. I think most commenters to her pieces in the Age miss the point, and that is that she is often (in my opinion anyway) sending herself up.

    Not very familiar with Tracey Bartram other than occasionally listening to her back in her Fox FM breakfast days.

    Julia Zemiro is great, funny, smart and attractive. Say no more.

  8. Ben, that amuses me when people comment on her pieces and totally miss the point. Julia seems to be very popular.