Friday, January 29, 2010

Ranty Bits

Me complain? Me whinge? Never, but just this once.

ABC tv news just showed footage of Serena Williams playing tennis. She defeated Zheng Jie and while there were lots of close ups of Serena, not one of Jie. Serena may be a celebrity and maybe popular but they are both foreign competitors, and so we should hate them equally and at least see one close up of our enemies.

Mayor Doyle has released a new plan for Swantson Street. Even my modern computer and fast internet connection could not cope with an almost 100MB pdf download, so I haven't seen the detail. But I like what I have seen in the paper. I don't think I have ever bothered with reading Herald Sun reader comments on a story and I certainly won't again. No matter how bad your education and or writing is, you have a right to write and be heard, but omg, what a load of rubbish the comments were. There is a good case for moderating the comments. "doyle is an idiot vote him out now along with Bracks", "how can I ever get a taxi when I am loaded with shopping". "just watch bicyles running over people all the time", "the horses are cute leave them alone". It is painful to read.

Just a curiosity. Not one blog I read has posted about Haiti. I made a passing mention in a post as did someone else. It is all too much hey. Also, it is not in Australia's backyard.

I just made a grave error. R is off with Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo seeing Wind in the Willows at the Botanic Gardens. I finished work too late to go, but Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo did stalk me at work today and we had morning tea. So, R is out, I must feed myself. I tried Wendy Harmer's suggestion of a Vegemite and beetroot sandwich. She was having a lend. I feel sick. If you are tempted, just the lightest smear of Vegemite.

How come two and a half year olds have such great memories, yet they won't remember anything later that they are now remembering. Little Jo said, "Andrew, when we were in Bendigo, the balloon went bang."

I looked at Sister, she said when they were there three months ago camping they went to the main street and someone had a balloon and it went bang. She has never mentioned it until today.

Rather like when we took her to the beach and as soon as she saw the playground she yelled, sand playground. Sister had taken her there before she was two and she remembered the sand playground yet she will forget all this as she gets older.

Speaking of Little Jo, we must now tell her to not tell her mother things. She told her Nana that we bought her an icecream for breakfast. This may or may not be true, or there could be special circumstances.....but Nana then told Sister who raised her eyebrows very high. Anyway, it was only an icypole and she only had half.

Written 7.30pm 28/01


  1. I made the mistake of reading Hun comments at some stage and almost slashed my wrists afterwards, it would have been less painful!

    I haven't blogged about Haiti simply because there is such a saturation of it elsewhere that I couldn't really add much to it in my blog, other than my opinion.

    I heard Harmer and Catterns on the radio the other day and it made my morning. I hope their podcasts come back asap.

  2. Re Haiti Fen, what can we say.

    Funny, we were in the car for an hour listening and I thought, aw, Fen might miss this. Glad you didn't.

  3. I was in bed with the radio on as it always is and I was dreaming about them laughing. Then I woke up and sure enough they WERE laughing and were on the radio, it was awesome!! I so wanted to ring in but I was too chicken!

  4. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Serena has big tits and a nice bum, thats why the camera was on her.

  5. Ring next time Fen.

    I hadn't noticed Michael.

  6. LOL
    Icy poles rock for brekkie.
    And, of course, you were only concerned for her hydration levels ;)

  7. Precisely Jayne. Hydration.

  8. I personally think it's not a good idea to ask children to keep secrets from their parents.

    There may be a time that someone not as nice as you asks her to do the same.

    I think it's important for kids to feel that they can tell their parents anything and everything.

    Oh and also....Icy poles for breakfast? Not a crime in my book! Maybe if it was done every single day. But it's awesome if it's done occasionally.

  9. You are probably right Dina. I have no doubt she will learn quickly enough herself about what to tell Mummy and what not to.