Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oz Day Retrospective

I am thinking I am not liking Australia Day. As I type there are explosive fireworks terrifying animals and annoying me. They are going on forever. Perhaps non explosive fireworks would be better. What???

Sis in law was here this morning. There was terrible racket from some air force jet as it passed by. We know the drill. We knew it would be back for a second run. We took Sis in law out to the balcony. The noise was deafening. It made the very non interested in politics and the wider world Sis in law to remark that she can imagine how terrifying in war that the sound of a bombing jet must be.

It is one thing to take some pride in your country. It is quite another for politicians to inform all and sundry that this is the greatest country on earth. While it sounds elitist and it probably is, such an obvious appeal to the masses is crude. Still, ever increasingly, politicians become increasingly political. Duh. (what a great word we have adopted from the US) All pollies now seem to do is go for where the votes are. Who would blame them? But they could do it with a bit of style. I see none. Would a visionary politician get elected nowadays? Possibly.

As Jayne mentioned, do people now really care much about the The Union Jack being on our flag? It does represents our history. Ipso facto, the Aboriginal flag should be added to represent our fuller history. What about a bit of the Polish flag? A bit of the Vietnamese flag? Would any young person actually know anything about the Union Jack?

I recall from more youthful days that the flag must not touch the ground. Young people now drape it over their shoulders like a cape and the hem drags along the ground. Are they so fearful of the outside world that must have this protective cloak? I am afraid to tell you kiddies, the flag won't protect you from the big bad world. You may be fortunate to be an Australian, but it is not the be all and end all of the world.

I ought not pine for the old days, but all Australia Day ever meant to me was a day off or extra pay. I am just not liking all this nationalistic fervour and I don't really want to be part of it. While wars are usually the result of very foolish males beating their chests, Anzac Day is much more to me liking.


  1. I don't quite get the (recent to me) huge hoo-har over Aus Day. To me it's a day off work, to stay home and work (ie yesterday I did the grocery shopping, which means I don't have to do it tonight, and some washing) I got a call from absent 13yo daughter to wish us a Happy Aus Day, my reaction was a bit mean, as in "What???" :) Couldn't help it. I'd never been wished that before. Merry Xmas, Happy NY or Birthday, Happy Easter, but not Aus Day!

  2. Anonymous4:38 pm

    I would like to see the day renamed 'Reconciliation Day' and celebrate everything Aboriginal. It's sad we don't recognise the original inhabitants of this land with a national day of recognition.

    And at that remove the union jack on our flad and replace it with the aboriginal flag.

  3. My thoughts too Raelene. At least daughter is being nice to you.

    Replacing the Jack with the Aboriginal flag would go a long way with Aborigines I think. But really I think it would be better to have flag that represents us all and one we can proud of. I don't think it will happen for a long time.

  4. That jet flew over my place too, we thought it was coming through the roof.
    It's not that it takes a while for outdoor play acting to reach here from America, it's more that we're a shy crowd. But once a few stooges get started wearing the national flag others rush to join. That's how the big day out at Anzac Cove started; those dummies care nothing about war or sacrifice, but watch them boogie! In recent years the Anzac Day March up Swanston Street got a poor audience and the fashion was to poke fun at it. Regional places got no audience at all. In Sale on Anzac Day mid-nineties I saw two dozen old codgers come around the corner and shuffle up the main street. People got on with their shopping.

  5. Anonymous I would like to see the day renamed 'RH Day' and celebrate everything RH. Meanwhile you could give it all back you know, all your rotten white-man booty.

  6. Patriotism is a synonym for racism, as far as I'm concerned, and flags the shroud that cover common sense. Celebrate the good. Downcry the bad. And ban fireworks. I hate the bloody things.

  7. I was blissfully asleep when that jet flew over and I sat bolt upright thinking a plane was going to crash into my house! I think my heart rate tripled!
    Australia Day was good for me, I visited an old friend then got paid double time and a half to work. All forced holidays are over rated in my opinion.

  8. RH, I suppose it was a few hundred metres from us. Imagine what that was like.

    Brian, it need not be, but you are right.

    Fen, so with you on forced holidays. Give us an extra ten days a year for us to celebrate what we want when we want to.

  9. Rattled my roof tiles.

    Why are celebrations noisy? I like a day of sweet nothings.

    With Miss Croggon maybe, in a one-horse country town.

    "Alison dear, read me your poems."

  10. I'm with your sister-in-law. Fireworks scare me. They sound like bombs.

  11. Dina, you also get to the point where you have seen them so many times, they no longer impress.

  12. Andrew,

    Yes, exactly. I totally agree.