Monday, January 25, 2010

Niece Arrives

Last minute teen niece wants to stay. She arrived on the train from Frankston. I was hungry and wanting my dinner, so instead of her going to Flinders Stree and catching a tram, I collected her by car from South Yarra Station.

She will get a tram from here to be at the gates of Big Day Out to buy a ticket at five o'clock in the morning. I don't think so. The earliest I could work out was that she could get there by tram is 6.30.

Plan B. Walk. No niece, too far.

Plan C. Borrow your bike Uncle Andrew? What shall you do with it once you are there niece?

Plan D. Taxi. I am not sure about this. Might be ok if she called one and so details are recorded. I offered to pay. No prob Uncle Andrew. I have money.

I was trusting her that at 16 and one half, she can be out on her own. When I think of what I got up to when I was that age!!!

But we are older now and worry about the younguns of course. R and her have both gone to bed to sleep. R will get up at 4am and deliver niece by car to the gate to buy a ticket. Oh, R is going to be grumpy tomorrow.

What R does for my family is extraordinary. I hope they are both quiet in the morning and he closes the door quietly and don't disturb me.


  1. "I hope they are both quiet in the morning and he closes the door quietly..."

    Then silently (but with a malicious smirk) backs over your bike in the garage...

  2. LOL @ Brian's comment.
    R is a good boy, I reckon he's a keeper, Andrew ;)

  3. Brian always makes me laugh hahah hows your bike - wish they had Big Day out at a cooler time of the year - must be hell in Summer - the pictures from the Sydney one looked like hell

  4. Don't laugh at Brian, Jayne. It only makes him worse. Yeah, suppose he might be long term r'ship material.

    Sydney BDO, MC, must have been dropping like flies. It was 42.

  5. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Yep, I got a 14 yo, worry like hell about some mongrel getting into her. She thinks shes mature, that dont happen...ever...
    You got a boy, you got one prick to worry about, you got a girl, you got 10,000...

  6. How'd she go? A few of us did this one year, though we got there when the gates opened and got one of the last 100 tickets on offer. Best BDO ever. I don't like the venue it's at now, so I have refused to ever return. That and I'm way too old!!

  7. Lol Michael. Not heard that one. Must be worse if you are a parent rather than an uncle.

    Fen, she got in, but what drama. I will write about it later. Mosh pits a bit much for you now?

  8. Mosh pits, crowds, noise, heat, dust, all too much for me. :P