Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mother's Cats

I think there were five cats sunning themselves on a cool day at Mother's. This is an old car of my late step father's in the driveway that fortunately was hidden by his newer car, the same model but two years younger. He kept the older one for parts. The old one has gone for scrap metal. Nephew bought the newer one for $600 as he was without wheels and money after he returned from Glasgow.

Mother has been taking photos of the cats with her disposable camera. She is realising that the cats are disposable too and must go. God knows how many there are now after the breeding season. She has a favourite which she intends to keep.

Of course, agreeing to get rid of them being gone are two different matters. Most of them are wild and know their refuge spaces, mostly under the house. One attempt has been made already before Step Father died but only the friendliest and favourites were caught. The screaming of the captured cats was horrendous.

Step Father was the one who started feeding stray cats. Mother felt like she needed to continue and so she does, twice a day with top brand cat food and special cat milk. It takes her an hour or so a day with bowl cleaning and mess cleaning. She complains about it and enjoys the martyr role, but it is becoming too much bother for her now.

I am just thinking, maybe she slowly reduce their food until they just drift off.


  1. Yeahhh.. we had a cat problem at our old house, the previous occupants used to feed stray cats...and the girl cats would bring through their new offspring...we had to trap them and take them to the council :(
    Tapering off the feeding might be the go there Andrew. It would be too much for your Mum for sure.

  2. Make 'em forage further afield with lack of food from the tin ;)

  3. oh you hard-hearted hannahs.

    call the Cat Protection Society and give them a donation equal to a months catfood if they will assist in the round-up. Play on the "little old lady out of control" story. They get left million$ by little old ladies.

    It takes three generations to breed out the 'wild' cat personality.

    I love the photo -a heap of warm cats. Have you seen the new post of Orlando settled into Scotts POMabode?

  4. Ideally get rid of them all in one hit Cazzie, while Mother is away, but it is too hard to trap them all at once I think.

    Easiest way perhaps Jayne. No point them hanging around if there isn't food.

    Good idea Ann. Rather than traumatic trapping, they may have means and ways. Lol at POMabode. Yes, I did see Orlando looking very regal.

  5. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Dare I ask what happens to them after capture??

    Since the arrival of winter, I haven't seen any of my local stray kitties but I do see their pawprints in the snow, so they're obviously still around. Hope they're keeping warm. Vik.

  6. Good question Vik, and not one I am going to ask. The whole thing is hard enough as it is.

    The kitties froze to death. They are only ghost kitty prints. Wait, I better be nice to you. I expect they have within their genes the knowledge of how to look after themselves in the cold.

  7. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Kitty ghosts???? How very dare you!

    They do know how to stay alive over winter, there is always enough to increase the numbers come Spring. I think I read somewhere they grow an extra layer of fur in winter to trap their body heat. And I imagine a few extra pigeons get devoured to add to the fuel. Vik.

  8. I thoroughly approve of cats eating pigeons.