Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Merry Oz Day

I sit here at my Chinese made keyboard, looking at my Korean made monitor, sipping my coffee made by a Swiss company but hey, at least the chair I sitting on is Aussie made and the carpet it sits on is from NZ where a few lambs and nylons were shorn to weave it.

Where was I. Ah yes, what does it mean to be Australian? The above probably sums up what we now are. A bit of everything from everywhere. One admirable quality that I think Australia has, is the way we pick up bits and pieces of culture from everywhere. We aren't like Americans and we aren't like English and although in we take a lot of their culture, we also reject much of their culture. We fill the gaps with other culture from around the world but still respect our own constantly evolving culture. I use culture in a very wide sense.

For all the wrongs in our country that we should never be complacent about, it is not such a bad place.

How about a tune? This is not so relevant if you don't live in Queensland overlooking a cane field but it is very Australian.


  1. Enjoyed the tune, haven't heard it for ages.
    Off to uTube Great Southern Land by Icehouse/Iva Davies ;)

  2. Thanks for the song...had never seen it performed before

  3. Great minds think alike Andrew... haha, I put that you tube clip up also. I guess I could have put up a clip of John Williamson..my favourite song of his is "Better than a Picture". That is such a gorgeous song and depicts Australia as it is.

  4. Another one I like Jayne.

    Me either MC. I guess it is the original clip.

    Really Cazzie? Just off to check in a minute.

  5. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Fuck nationalism, and patriotism - usually an excuse for a war (along with xenophobia) - anyone tried buying a flag/whatever that wasn't made in China? - and thought of the irony. Its turned into another Consumer Festival...and the Great Unwashed fall for it.....

  6. I think ALL (or at least most) countries are a little bit of something from everywhere.

    As for what Anonymous says: I don't think patriotism has to be violent, loud, xenophobic, commercial, and obnoxious.

    It can be simple quiet reflection and appreciation. I don't see anything wrong with that. And it looks to me that this is what you've done. So kudos to you.

  7. Agree Michael, but we are of a certain age.

    Yes Dina, most would be really. Successfully absorbing other cultures is our specialty, or so our politicians and big business tell us.