Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Medjia

I suspect there must be a reason why there isn't media coverage of the teenage Jessica Watson's solo yacht trip around the world. I think she is approaching Cape Horn now. Batten down, I would suggest to her. I suspect the reason for no coverage may be some sponsorship deal she and probably her family have set up. Even so, the resources of our ABC could still give some coverage without the taint of commercialism. Please explain, and then read on. I haven't finished with the ABC yet.

There is a NSW chap stuck up a mast and he won't come down. He has been up there for over a month and is on a hunger strike. Middle Child gives some good coverage from her perspective. I don't really understand what it is about very well. It has received coverage in NSW media, but so far as I know, meaning I haven't heard anything, it hasn't here in Victoria. What is it Middle Child? Forty two day hunger strike by a farmer stuck up a pole and we in Victoria don't know about it. Hmmm, very interesting.

Oh yes, the ABC. More specifically ABC Local Radio when the ABC Local Radio is not local radio but national. This lack of local radio every year at this time coincides with the non rating period for commercial radio. It seems to start earlier each year, this year in November but at least local presenters do seem to reappear a little earlier in January. I will opine that Tracy Bartram as a real local for breakfast radio is ok. Libby Gore should get a full time gig, as a replacement for Lindy Burns (I hate being nasty, but I just do not like her on radio). But my real complaint, which surprises me in this high end technological age, is the bad switching between national, local, news, sport. I can never remember it being as bad as it has been this year. Sounds of silence and then soothing music kicks in, missed news intro music, sometimes time pips sometimes not, failed attempts at crosses to correspondents, failed talk back callers. I would suggest it was a damn sight better when someone was actually there, operating the switches. At least there would be someone to blame when it all fell in a heap. The above two are probably due to financial resources. I have done my share of lobbying in the past, back to the days when ABC only cost 7c a day and Parliament broadcasts took over local radio. I will just complain here now.

But, I loves me ABC really, so a bouquet to ABC's Radio National which I seldom listen to but often download podcasts of their programs. I snaffled three episodes of Hindsight, three of Rear Vision and I will go back to see what The Science Show has on offer. Today when I tired of music and ran out of new podcasts, and I have no interest in listening to cricket, I turned on RN for the news at six o'clock and then followed a woman who sounds American, by name and looks is Jewish, and she seems to have presented The Spirit of Things for a long time. Ha you scoff, Andrew listening to a religious radio program.

The episode of The Spirit of Things was called Abode of Love. Here is a cut and paste of a brief summary. It was fascinating.

Growing up in a giant gothic pile called Agapemone, it took years for Kate Barlow to uncover the real story behind the 11 elderly women who shared the mansion in Spaxton, England. The notorious cult also known as the Abode of Love was founded in the 1850s by a self-proclaimed Messiah who practised `spiritual marriage´, but a century later the women including Kate Barlow´s mother were trapped.

I am not checking back on what I have written, so warts and all.


  1. Abode of love eh? I will have to look up more on this.

  2. ha ha not to mention the 2 weather forecasts in a row after the news most nights, the exact same forecast read by two different people. I don't get the pips on digital radio, not sure why that is.

  3. Soory, I'm a bit confused. There are half a dozen articles via Google News on how she spent New Year's Eve and Day, plus her own website, blog and news online. Do you mean the telly stations in Australia aren't covering her voyage?

  4. "I suspect there must be a reason why there isn't media coverage of the teenage Jessica Watson's solo yacht trip around the world."

    Because it's boring? Actually, I wonder if she contacts the coastguard every five minutes and asks him if she's there yet, like normal teenagers would...

  5. I listen to RN a lot over the weekend. There are little gems amongst those programs - even the religious programs, as you suggest.

  6. Happy New Decade (I know, I know it starts in 2011, but i need for the aughts to be over)!
    I lve your blog & getting to know you & yours a bit in 2009 has been a pleasure. Wishing you love & happiness.

  7. There was mention of Jessica seeing in the New Year with dolphins (obviously the ones John West rejected) in the print and telly media but that's been about it.
    Maybe media is worried at being seen to promote yoof on dangerous sailing attempts after that 13 yr old in the Netherlands was put under state control..err, guardianship and house arrest..oops again, a curfew?

  8. Not quite as risque as it sounds Cazzie.

    Indeed that is what I mean TS. Not tv or radio, but as you will see below, Jayne picked something up.

    Lol Brian.

    And god save Radio National Victor.

    Thanks Stephen. I hope your birthday was good.

    Ok Jayne, thanks. I missed the mention. Still, it is scant coverage. The media will promote anything that makes them money, one way or another. I think Jessica has been locked into some deal.

  9. RN is an absolute goldmine and I always feel smarter for having listened, as distinct from AW where I feel dumber.

  10. Anonymous6:56 pm

    I think Jessica is cool, I like to do hard things myself, it gives meaning to life. I think she gets little coverage because I am a keen listener to RN, and don't have TV. It's great, although thin over summer.

  11. Happy NY to you Lad. I listened to 3AW one day a week or so ago. John Michael Howson was having a good old rant about global warming, denying it. Truly execrable.

    Hiya David. I don't like doing the hard things, so that is why I admire her. RN is a bit thin at the moment but surely better than cricket.

  12. Thanks for covering the Peter Spencer issue...and the others - and with no review warts and all - it all came out fine.

    I'll email you the letters Peter Spencer wrote to the two PM's - from his own pen so that should clarify things.

    I hope thats okay

  13. It was finally mentioned here MC, yesterday or today. Yep, send the letters. I like to get both points of view. The gov has a large machine to get its points out.