Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lock 'em Up

I was not at the trials and so did not hear the evidence but two sentences for crimes have had me with a slightly dropped jaw.

A husband and wife, both doctors, individually defrauded Medicare with false claims. The figure was around $80,000. I can't recall if that was each or both. They weren't even in the country when some of the services they claimed for were supposedly performed. They received a community service order. No gaol sentence. Are we that short of doctors?

A lad punches someone of a similar age in the head. The victim falls backwards and hits his head on concrete. I think the victim ends up badly injured and spends a long time in hospital. Maybe he even died. I missed that bit. Regardless, it it is the life threatening punch that matters. Yep, a community service order for the perpetrator.

To tennis. I have never attended a big game of tennis. From what I see, everyone stays silent during play and a winning point receives polite applause. Perhaps at the end of a long volley, there could be a cheer, similar to that you might hear at a long drawn out and hard fought house auction.

People standing on seats? People throwing flares? People chanting political slogans? People giving nazi salutes? Just not cricket chaps. Stick them together in a wire cage in public view for the rest of the day.

This toleration of law breaking and anti social behaviour is getting worse and worse.


  1. wow that first one sucks. I had a friend go to jail for 8 months for defrauding her workplace of $80K coz she had a drug habit. She attended rehab and admitted to the fraud before they even found out. Maybe the government (Medicare) didn't pursue them?

    Those tennis louts are children of peasants who had grudges in their home land. Those issues no longer exist in their home land however the children here have grown up listening to their parents grudges and are repeating the behaviour. Ridiculous really.

  2. There's two reasons that people who commit crimes like that don't get the justice they deserve.

    (1) The judges giving them the sentence have never been a victim of crime so have no investment or association with the outcomes / results of the crimes. You ever heard of a magistrate's kid getting knocked out? Would they even need public health care?

    (2) They can't send them to prison because the prisons are already over crowded. Everyone knows that except no government in their right mind is going to admit to prisons being over crowded or the need to build a newer / bigger one because that would be an admission that crime is getting out of control...and would any government really want that on their "conscience"? I think not.

    And there's my 2 cents.

  3. Maybe not so much now Fen, but sentences for social security misdemeanors used to be so severe, which sat very uncomfortably with me when you could see business men getter away with grand theft.

    The parents are irresponsible. Bringing kids up with such prejudices will not make them good Australian citizens. They are one step away from a criminal record.

    DA, I am not sure about judges, but I know some VIP's kids have been victims of crime. Of course they won't be in the public health system. Remember Keating was critisised for using the public health system when he could afford private? Good on him, I say.

    I do wonder if judges are complicit in keeping the numbers down for prisons.

  4. Social security misdemeanours still attract some ridiculous penalties. I met a 72 year old grandma in jail who'd defrauded Centrelink... she was so frail. Obviously she's broken the law, but how about a community service order or something for people like her. Deer Park Women's jail is bursting at the seams as it is.

  5. Wire cage? Bugger that, take them up to Sovereign Hill and chuck 'em in the stocks for a day. It can be fundraising too.
    "What did he do?"
    "Defrauded Medicare for $80,000"
    "Got any slimy lettuces there"
    "Nah, but you can have rotten eggs, $4 each or 3 for $10"
    "I'll take 3"

    You know what disturbs me? I'm only half joking. I think.

  6. "the law is an ass" There is no continuity of sentencing - and someone nicking a $1,000 TV is likely to get longer and harsher than any professional will ever get. That stinks...and the hit ti the head...everyone knows if you hit someone in the head there is the chance of death or brain damage - thats a given.

    I may be getting older but it seems to be a big mess right now...

  7. Melbourne's original stocks stood on land at intersection of Market St and Flinders Lane, even after the old Western Market was built.
    Bring 'em back and let's have at the miscreants.

  8. A serious bad Fen.

    Strikes a chord with me Captain.

    Partly our age I suppose MC, but police are so hamstrung now and must go by the book, not that that is a bad thing, it must be up to the courts to enforce general society's values.

  9. Seriously Jayne, I think public humiliation might be the only thing that works with some.

  10. Humiliating people won't make them good citizens. And especially crims, if you get my meaning.

    Good heavens, what an intelligent idea!

  11. Anonymous4:20 pm

    My God, it's about time they started jailing the Pollies who run this country - for ripping of us taxpayers.

  12. Zero tolerance to baqd behaviour is my motto...and I am stickin' to it.