Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just another Sunday #21

Art, wall, loungeroom, fix the blank space Andrew. Ok, I replied. We could go to the good shop in Rosebud that has stuff you like R, but not sure I feel like spending three hours driving today. What about the hills? Plenty of galleries there. Neither of us felt like spending time in the car.

What about the St Kilda Sunday Market? Kewl. By tram.

A 16 arrived that was too full for us to board, fortunately closely followed by a 3A which was busy enough too. So many people go to St Kilda. We normally don't on a Sunday.

We did the market one end to the other. Explored a couple of nearby side streets looking at houses/apartments. Down Acland Street and around into Barkly Street and across into Blessington St. There are some great eating places in Blessington Street now and it is a bit less frantic than Acland Street. Cross Barkly and down Blessington past the Peanut Farm to Marine Parade, looking at housing all along the way.

Saw a playground opposite the Peanut Farm. Look, we should take Little Jo here one day. Then realise that she probably has been, as the Bone Doctor and Sister have both played cricket on the oval at the Peanut Farm.

I will call it. Edgewater Towers should be demolished. It is an own your own highrise apartment block, but it is extraordinarily shabby with much masonry falling off. Including its lack of fire sprinklers, it is not worth fixing up. Photos of it on the net do not show how bad it is.

We crossed Marine Parade and walked along the beach to the St Kilda Pier. Out onto the pier and straight to the Kiosk for a spot of brunch and coffee. We arrived just in time as twenty minutes later when we left, it was getting very busy.

We then went down onto the landing at the outer end but unlike this time, we did not see a penguin.

After being out for about four hours, time to head home. We did not buy any artwork but it clarified in our minds what we might get.

This is the kiosk from the back with its modern addition. Of course the kiosk only looks old, as it was rebuilt after being destroyed by a fire a few years ago.

The top taken from the side and showing the viewing platform a bit lower.

I wasn't really planning to take a photo for here. I just wanted the top at the front. There were so many people about that I didn't want to take everyone's photo.

The leeward side of the breakwater. Somewhere in the forest of buildings is the highrise.

Looking down the pier to the Upper Esplanade and the St Kilda Market with The Esplanade Hotel sadly dwarfed by highrise buildings. I don't think I can blame Planning Minister Madden for that one. A new cafe addition to the Espy has recently opened, to be seen to the right of the Espy. Note the two slow strollers on the pier with a large build up of people behind them.

Unlike the main section of the pier, this part is timber. Lovely old timber with barnacle encrusted decaying wooden piles. What a nice noise it is when you tread on a loose plank.


  1. I like the kiosk. Especially the wrought iron work. It's the sort of place I'd live to convert into a house and take up residence in.

  2. The rebuild was a job well-done, great photos, Andrew ;)

  3. Anonymous said: "Please visit my pages and send me private message to get the info.
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    I wonder if that's 1000-2000 viruses?

  4. And on a pier with the howling gales off the sea Brian. At least our pier is concrete and won't burn down.

    Thankee Jayne. It was wonderful job. I had forgotten until I saw it, but there some atrocious other plans put forward.

    Gone now Brian. Just thought I would mention it, otherwise you look like a drop kick.

  5. Anonymous11:21 am

    Lovey images Andrew, a nice day had by you both then.

  6. Relaxing without too much to do Cazzie, just the way we like it.

  7. When the Esplanade Hotel became the "Espy" the world got boring.

  8. Not sure about that RH. I go past and see the bands unloading their gear. They look very down to earth as do many of the patrons.

  9. That's the uniform: "down to earth".
    But have it your way.