Thursday, January 07, 2010

Indian Student

We Aussies are quite good at getting rid of backpackers. We torture them to death, stab them, fry them in hot sun, burn them in their accommodation or in a bush fire and set the drop bears or the hoop snakes on to them. Then sometimes we just simply beat them to death, more of a challenge than stabbing or shooting them, but we do both of those too.

But then are our permanent residents who aren't citizens. We seem to be dealing with them too. Nothing like a bit of knife work to teach those foreign born to show us original Aussies and the non original Aussies (my guess at a perpetrator) some respect. Oh, then there is the original original Aussies. I had a bad experience with them recently.

Ok, to the point and end of dramatics and attempts at attracting attention.

Melbourne is my city. I love it dearly. I was born here and I have spent the last 35 years here. It is like my child in so far as I and my friends can critisise it, but I won't hear too much from strangers.

I am not a fool though, well not totally. I know it is not all good and not filled with all good people. Some are bad. I have generally managed to avoid such people through my life.

One way to avoid bad people is to not walk through parks in the dark. A VIP Indian/Australia doctor learnt this when he was nearly beaten to death in a park. Sadly a new Australian Indian lad was stabbed to death as he walked through a park at night.

Racist or opportunistic attack, who knows. Park at night time? Not saying anything, but could even be a homophobic attack. It wasn't robbery.

Why had this lad, who had already been the victim of an attack a while ago, not learnt, or not been told the dangers of parks at night time? As he is a resident and someone who had obviously lived here for a while, had he not picked up the dangers of parks at night time.

Of course we should be able to walk through a park anytime and that we can't is over the government and the police. But if they aren't doing their jobs, then you really have to look after yourself a bit.

As for the perpetrator(s)? I think forty years would be appropriate, with at least thirty to serve. Is there much worse a human could do to another?

I don't always agree with Miranda Devine from the Sydney Morning Herald, but her copy on the subject is worth a read. The crime statistics for NYC seem really hard to ignore.


  1. The most you can expect to happen in Fleetwood Memorial Park at night is to get attacked by a squirrel suffering from insomnia or propositioned by a meths fueled transvestite.

  2. Meth fuelled tranny Brian??? I like interesting people.

  3. My mother warned me about those squirrels of yours, Brian.

  4. Do they know who actually did each crime? One Indian person was attacked (a woman i believe)killed in Australia a few months back and there was an outcry in India - turns out it was another Indian who did the crime. She tried to make sure that Indian news reported this after the outcry but was not successful. They didn't want the truth to get in the way of a good story.

    maybe we should wait till we know who is doing these crimes before we point fingers.

  5. They don't know who did the murder yet, or yesterday's setting alight. The Indian media are having great fun with this. We will see who gets arrested for the crimes. But racism against Indian students is rife. I see it often enough at my work. Perhaps there is just too many of them here. There will be quite a few less now.