Thursday, January 07, 2010

Getting Ready

Konichi wa. Si yor nara. Do I need to know anymore Japanese language?

I don't like sushi or sashimi. Will I starve to death in Japan? Maybe I can survive on tempura. Soup for breakfast? I don't think so. Hopefully our friend in Japan has a toaster and we can toast some bread for our breakfast. We will have our own Vegemite. Except R does not like Vegemite. I will have Vegemite on my person.

Shinkansen is spelt with an e or an a in the middle. Bullet train is easier but not as exotic.

Must learn the names of the islands, at least the main ones. When asked, main island will no longer do. Aussie people seem to know the names of Japanese islands.

While I am quite happy to show my bits to anyone who wants to see, them, do I want to display them publicly at an onsen?

Beautiful cherry blossom trees will be quite ugly when we are there.

Must find out exactly what Miso is. I think it is not healthy.

Trying to work out a head currency conversion. Add 1/4 to our dollar? 1000 = 1.25?

I have had contact with a Japanese person. After some time my head was nodding up and down a lot and I was saying something like Hi rather a lot. My version of it was more like the Scottish Aye which I am known to use often enough.

Early days, plenty of time. I am now officially slightly excited.

R and I were educated tens of thousands of miles away from each other, but we both learnt about Mount Fuji at school, and so we must see it.


  1. The important thing to remember is that when a Japanese man bows in front of you, he wants you to rub his head.

  2. Courtesy of Evol I have this indelible image of you sitting naked in a bath of low water level with a towel on your head.

  3. I got nuthin'.
    'Cept respect the Wasabi!

  4. I like soup for breakfast. Well, at least more than Vegemite!!! ; )

    I eat Miso, but you know what. I'm not sure WHAT it is. Probably soy something.

    Have you ever tried vegetable Sushi? If you don't like the thought of raw fish, it's an alternative.

  5. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Miso is fermented soy.

    It's possible to get vegetable sushi here but it's not as common as in Western countries and doesn't usually come with avocado! Vik.

  6. Got it Andy. Two hands then?

    Not a pretty mental image Victor.

    Gee Jayne. I sound like a fussy eater, but I don't like wasabi either.

    Vegetable sushi. Not tried that Dina. I guess you have to have Vegemite by the age of three or something to like it.

    Fermented soy Vik? Oh dear. No miso, no sushi, no wasabi. I will survive on Asahi, tempura and crisps.

  7. OK I am blaming you here- I just got, first time ever, some Japanese (or Chinese- I wouldn't know the difference-) SPAM. This is despite my letter verification! I think I will now go the next step up for a while and stop anonymous commenters. (I like to allow the anons when I am away traveling as most of my friends/family have enough trouble making comments even with anon there.) If that doesn't work I will moderate for a while....

  8. It is the gene connection KN. If it was the same spam as I received, it made a pretty pattern.