Friday, January 22, 2010

Do not call

That was a laugh. I just had a call from someone who has done a survey and wants to offer me a utility package. He started with, 'We have done a survey and as you pay your utility bills on time....'

I chipped in 'How do you know I pay my bills on time? Do you have access to my utility accounts?'

'It is done by a survey Sir'.

'Yes, but how do you know I pay my bills on time if you don't have access to my utility company accounts?'

'Thank you for your time Sir. Goodbye.' Clunk.

What have I done? I have missed out on some glorious bargain!

A cold call by a company who I have never dealt with. Surely the 'Do Not Call' register should prevent such calls. I forget the name already so can't report it.


  1. ROFL, that sounds suspiciously like the dim company that sends out students doorknocking here. Pretty aggro as they don't take no for an answer & they tell you the Co. is Australian and the others aren't. They aren't either unless NZ has shifted geographically :D

    The numbers that were on the Do Not Call register have expired, you need to redo it every few years or something like that. I guess to weed out numbers that have been reallocated. I really can't see why it expires, everyone in Aus is probably listed on there ;p

  2. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Still get them, but not as much as before the DNC list. Used to run a business from home, so that was their excuse to call - the ACMA or the SMA or whoever is in charge this week sent me a form and then decided that as the income was nil, I could go on the list. Works reasonably well.
    PS - never enter a "free" competition, its a harvesting exercise. Same goes for charity raffles - just put your phone no on the ticket stub, its then useless to be onsold. And I never bothered changing the name in the phone book when I took over the line (Telstra just couldn't cope with the sheer complexity, poor things) so when someone asks for the previous occupant, I just tell them he hasn't lived here for 20 years.....word must have got out, the cold calls are slowly la la is fun.....(when it doesn't shit ya right off...)

  3. There is a special place in my vegie garden reserved for cold callers....

  4. I'll swap your utility bargains for my cold call hotel stays won.

  5. I lost my temper after the third call last week.
    'May I speak to Mr or Mrs.....?'
    "No, he's dead and I don't bloody well want to talk to you" followed by a satisfying clunkdown in his ear.
    I was kinder to the lady offering me a hearing test, I just kept saying 'What?' until she got the giggles and hung up.

    Has anyone ever done a survey on how many people actually take up these offers?

    Jayne, that garden of yours will make a find grounding for future acheaologists.

  6. we had a similar phone call, but from a telecommunications provider claiming to be Telstra wanting to reward us for paying our phone bill on time. We're not with Telstra. For anything. End of call. And never mind that we're on the Do Not Call register.

    And also had a friendly visitor a little while back, promising to change our light globes over to eco-friendly ones - for free. I said, that's great but we've already changed ours over. The guy quite abruptly asked "By who?" I said "none of your business actually"

    And the other door-to-door sales man wanting to sell me a great mobile phone deal. He had some sort of ID but could have been home made with a laminator machine for all I could tell. And No brochures or sales literature just some handwritten figures on a blank A4 page. It pains me to think that people actually fall for this stuff.

  7. I love getting calls like that from tele-marketers.

    I try and keep them on the phone for as long as I can or in other instances, they start asking personal questions and the first one they usually ask is if I'm single or not.

    As soon as they do, I make it sound they're hitting on me...and then I put on a bedroom voice and ask them what they're wearing and turn it into a phone sex call.

    They hang up pretty quickly after that.

    Which doesn't say a lot about me and my phone sex abilities I guess.

  8. I had someone come around to the house a few weeks back trying to convert me to some stupid fucking electricity company.

    As it happened, I was cooking at the time, and was chopping up some vegetables.

    I didn't put the knife down when I answered the door.

    You can work out the rest for yourselves.

  9. Antikva, I didn't know you had to renew. Thankfully here we are protected from door knockers.

    Michael, we certainly don't give out info at the drop of a hat. I rarely enter competitions or raffles.

    Good compost Jayne.

    Slightly more interesting Victor.

    Bit like spam I think Jahteh. One good hit in a thousand makes it worth their while.

    TVAU, my mother fell for the light globe one. She was annoyed with herself later but at least she talked him into leaving a box of globes and not fitting them.

    DA, the reverse strike rate. What will happen when you get one who starts to respond?

    Good one Andy. Probably helped that you were naked too.