Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cinderella did get to the ball aka BDO

R rose at 4am and made toast and a hot drink for niece and they then headed to the showgrounds for Big Day Out at 4.30 for niece to start queuing at 5am. I slept on. Niece raided our pantry for a bottle of water and some savoury biscuits. Along the way she asked R to stop so that she could get a newspaper. She came out of the shop loaded with food to eat but forgot the newspaper. She went back in and like she was surprised that she could not get to the showgrounds by tram at 5am, she was also surprised that she could only get yesterday's newspaper.

They took a look at the show grounds, front and rear and it was very quiet and very dark. R refused to leave her there until it was light. Again she was surprised, that it was dark at 5am. One guard at the rear suggested there would be no tickets for sale at the door. Another said there would be but not until 10am. Well, she would be first in the queue. They both watched a guard evict some boys who had snuck in over the fence very early. She found some other boys to chat to for a bit.

R left her once it was light and there were more people around. She scored the ticket at $140. She was very excited. R became lost when returning and found himself on his way to Williamstown. He came home via the West Gate Bridge and went back to bed for a couple of hours.

I haven't heard back, but I am sure she enjoyed herself. I bet she slept most of today.


  1. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Yep, hubby got up at 4pm after getting into bed at 5am from demantling the stages at the BDO.

  2. Hope they paid him well Cazzie. I shan't ask why he was working at BDO and not at his normal work.

  3. "Again she was surprised, that it was dark at 5am."

    It's dark at 5 p.m. over here at this time of year. Actually, come to think it, it never really gets light. Best to stay in bed and make the most of it really.

  4. i got worried for a sec there when you said showgrounds, coz the BDO was at Flemington, but she obviously ended up in the right place. Good on her. I hope she had a blast.

  5. Err, yes Fen. I was wrong. But I did know where it was.

  6. Which Brian, is no doubt one reason Facebook is so popular in the UK. Your balmy long summer evenings are the positive for the negative short days.

  7. R is a sensible lad not leaving her until it was light ;)
    Was reading that Father Bob was at BDO and had a ball chatting with Ruby Rose :)

  8. Really Jayne. He is a card.