Saturday, January 23, 2010

And that was only the morning

Doctor ordered Mr Highriser for cholesterol blood tests. Yeah yeah. That was last October, but the time is nearing when I have to visit Doctor for some new 'scripts. Fortunately Doctor has written me off as a loss and does not lecture me about my wanton indulgent lifestyle, instead he gives me pills. Even so, I better play the game and have the tests before I visit Doctor again.

Ok, the mega pathology provider Dorevitch has a Balaclava office open Saturday morning. It opens at eight o'clock and my plan was to get there about 8.45. I should have listened to myself. R geed me up to get there at 8.00. Five people were at the door waiting. 8.45 there would have been two people in front of me.

Did I mention that I had to fast? I care little about food but for the past thirty years bar one day when I had the last test, the first thing I do every morning is make myself a cup of instant coffee. I was missing my coffee big time.

First lass was an older Anglo woman and very nice and caring, but could not do the job. She called on her superior, a younger Indian born lass to do the job.

Anglo woman was very concerned for my welfare. Indian lass not at all. No matter, Indian lass did the job.

No vein to be found in my left arm, no vein to be found in right arm. Try left again, no vein to be found. Indian lass tried right arm again, no.

Finally found a prominent vein on my hand and I so I ended up an old person with a a cross bandage on my hand. A friend told me later that old people show off their hand cross bandages in the hope that someone will ask them what is wrong with them and what test have they been for. I asked was their name (insert name of my mother).

In spite of the staff insisting I was not ok, I insisted I was. I left in a condition of mild shock. I was glad I did not get the tram there and R was waiting in the car outside.

I have a slight bruise on my hand. Don't worry, I will live to post another day. We then went shopping and used trolleys and R had to carry a lot of stuff as I was not to do heavy lifting.

I know some of you are getting on a bit and understand. I am embracing old age. I like slowing down. It makes life so much easier. I am not particularly troubled by my body and face aging but I hate my hands getting old. At breakfast a couple of weeks ago when I instigated hand stacks on the mill (what is it called? Handy handy?) with Little Jo, how I hated my old hands on her beautifully smooth skin.

Looking down at my hands now, all nails are perfect, bar one that could have a tiny snip at one side. Just don't look at the skin. I not like.


  1. ha ha ha sounds like me and my rubbish veins. At least you didn't have them prodding your ankles for veins!

  2. Anonymous4:10 am

    So, you are a hard stick Andrew, hehe. Me too... sounds like there are a few of us around. I know, when you go to get a blood test you somehow feel violated when they have to try three times to get that red gold.
    Thinking about it, I have to take blood from four patients this morning at 0600hrs..I have the vials and the syringe and needle sets ready to go. Just waiting for them to buzz or wake up so I can begin what it is us nurses do...vampires eh.
    My Pop, at the age of 85yrs, has the most lovely soft hands. He often comments on my rough hands.. and then he goes on to comment about "The ladie's soft as silk hands at dance class"...yeah, he is a swooner :)

  3. Oh Fen, I don't think I would like needles in my ankle.

    Cazzie, I think good hydration helps and I may not have been drinking enough water. Next time you have to be bled, try loading up on water starting the night before. I remember the first time I felt a girl's hair and I couldn't believe how soft it was. Men are harder stuff hey. I forget now, wasn't your grandfather a manual worker?

  4. I hate to say this, but I'm not a fan of your defeatist outlook.

    It's like you're just accepting your fate when there's so much more you can do to fight the onslaught of time and aging.

  5. Ah DA. Suppose you have sort the melodramatic woe is me writing from my real life. I walk a lot and swim regularly. Wouldn't mind losing five kilos. But really, I am not caring about getting older. My mind is more peaceful and I understand that I am not meant to understand. Oops, more melodramatic tosh. Can't help myself.

  6. This getting old thing is for the shits!!!

  7. Fair enough. We all go through the ups and downs...but as long as it's temporary...then it's all good.

    As for the walking a lot and swimming...big thumbs up for that. I just got myself an underwater MP3 player. Friggen awesome and makes swimming laps go so much more faster.

  8. Stephen, embrace it or fight against it, it will happen regardless. Active in mind and body and it won't be so bad.

    DA, underwater MP3, wow. Fast music equals fast swimming?

  9. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Woozies - Hey, blood samples are trivial compared to a colonoscopy - as a bowel cancer survivor, need one every year. The only consolation is they knock you out completely, and when you wake up you feel fuckin FANTASTIC - Gawd knows whats in the anesthetic...

  10. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Yes, my Grandfather worked in the Military Munitions factory at Maribyrnong...where there are umpteen apartments and one massive Aldi store with prime views of Melbourne.

  11. All relative I suppose Michael.

    Yep Cazzie. I guess that work was not as hard on hands as say farming.

  12. Water aerobics, Andrew, it's also a cover for Madge-like hands ;)

  13. Russell Brand has long slender hands (for a guy) I always notice.
    Shearers have soft white hands from handling sheeps fleece all day and the lanolin that comes off it.
    hope the results are what you want/need..

  14. I know what you mean about hands. Sometimes I look at mine, and it's as if they belong to someone else. Where did that crooked and knobbly index finger come from? When did the veins start sticking out? Why is the skin so crepe-y? I really don't like these old-lady hands.

    I don't know if all pathology labs are like this, but at the one I attend, there's no secretarial or office staff at all. The building is always open when I get there at about 7.50; people let themselves in; they go and take a number and sit in the lounge, then eventually the blood-taker (I'm sure there's a proper term for that)arrives to start work to a room full of people. Most strange.

  15. Water aerobics are for old people Jayne, as you well know. Cow.

    Ann, I expect RB's hands are soft because they are so often in a moist environment. Ah, he lives in wet England doesn't he. Fish, fish oil caps, expensive marge, and that was before the medication. It will be interesting to hear the results.

    Judge, you are on my wavelength. Where I went was as you describe. Take a number and the blood taker will come. Agree, starting work with a room full of people...Well I guess they are used to it.

  16. Its your time to have old hands and her time to have young ones...always been this way and wlways will - I remember my lovely mum's hands so well...those old hands did an awful lot to make my life and that of all my sisters and some grandchildren better...

    but then i am not all that pleased with the bone spur growing out of one of my knuckles 0 looks like an alien about to be born under the skin

  17. Will the spur go away MC, like feet ones do?