Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The world's a changin'

A new High Commissioner from London has been appointed to Canberra. This is a very important post for we convict types, so I am pleased to hear that Lillibet has approved a Baroness to be appointed to the position. Take that Canada and New Zealand.

I am sure she has a good diplomatic style and knows which fork to stick into the horse's doovers, so the bleeding obvious is irrelevant and just something to be noted. Welcome your lord highness Baroness Amos. Sorry about some of us. We are a bit common at times. Now don't you be telling me you admire Maggie Thatcher.

PS If you have some influence, sling a few quid to the Blackpool to Fleetwood tram system will ya. Brian is not getting any younger and he needs a smooth ride and easily accessible vehicles.

PPS Her makeup is good. What else matters.


  1. Andrew,

    Our trams are currently off-line whilst they fit new rails and buy in new rolling stock. I've had to dig my old pogo stick out again in order to get anywhere.

  2. Why do they have to always stop the whole system to do any work? Then again, I suppose demand is quite low in winter.

    I am obliged to Chris for this link

  3. Crikey, can we vote her onto our Aussie throne and ditch the old model and her non-working (offspring) accessories?

  4. Best have a chat to her first Jayne, and see what she is about.