Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Urban Myth

This may well be an urban myth but I not going to search to find out because the idea appeals to me greatly.

You know that particle accelerator thingie called the Hadron Collider that cost umpteen billion Euros? Well, like our much slower human particle accelerator, the Southern Observation Wheel, it broke.

We are told the Hadron Collider may come up with the beginning of the universe. What? It will spit out a photo of god?

It would seem our much cheaper and slower wheel broke because of poor construction.

But it was just one of those little freaks of nature that brought the multi billion euro Hadron Collider to a grinding halt. An overflying bird dropped a baguette upon the Collider and it went kaput. So, we can blame the French.


  1. Bloody pigeons.
    Actually, pigeons pretty much rock...must have been a West Coast Eagle, instead.
    Or a Magpie...Eddie is everywhere.

  2. Those French have a lot to answer for; just ask the Irish who are fuming over the so called 'hand of Gaul' incident.

  3. I read it was people from the future travelling back in time to sabotage it. Maybe they released the pigeon with the baguette...

  4. I heard that a Dalek had dropped its butty.

  5. ooh, i heard the dalek thing too...

  6. The rumour I heard is that this hadron doo-dad has existed once before. It was a too-smart-for-their-own-good race of people who were fast destroying their own planet and badly wanted to find answers to justify their own existence.

    Thing is they rushed in, paid no heed to what might go wrong and fucked the lot, but from what I hear that was something over 65 billion years ago.

    Lets see how it goes this time, hey?

  7. Every time I see this mentioned I think "Large Hardon Collider". There's a pr0n film in that somewhere.

  8. Can't stand pigeons Jayne. Shoot the lot of them. I'll pick the lead out and you can make a pie.

    I haven't followed that closely Victor but I feel outraged on behalf of the Irish. I would call it a null game with no replay.

    Ben, I am sure they would have been French people from the future travelling back then.

    Bit of waste of a butty Brian. Would only have had french fries in it, not chips.

    Fenz, they can't win in mass numbers, so they sabotage projects then?

    Nice work Mutant. It is just a theory???

    Hardons colliding. I like it Andy.