Friday, November 27, 2009

Tramming it

Tramming is good. I did a good bit today. Four lasses boarded one tram to check the operation of Myki scanners. They marked the check sheet. Fail, fail and fail. I am just guessing really. One scanner worked after a 3 second scan. The other did not until the third try.

I have seen these scanners work in Singapore and London. They take about 1/3 of a second. People scan without stopping in their stride.

I was waiting for an air con tram to get home. A Z1 class pulled up followed by Z3 class. Neither had air con. The Z3 had smoke coming out from between its wheels.

I picked up my fifty bags of shopping and bolted to the front tram. I am not getting on a tram about to explode into flames, or get stuck behind the smoking tram, no matter how cool a subsequent air con tram may be.

I watched out the back window of the tram I was on to see if the tram behind burst into flames. It did not and when I got off the tram I was on, the smoking tram was behind with no sign of smoke. Weird.

While not long ago I had a decent whinge about rough tram drivers, but of the seven or so trams I caught today, I noticed nothing about the tram ride, so it follows that all drivers were good.


  1. I was driving home from work and witnessed the stupuids in the car in front of me doing a U turn in front of a tram... I swear, yes, I did swear... it drives me insane..I wish I was a copper just for that split second.. the same happened yesterday in Footscray whilst I was driving into work.. incredulous!
    Glad you had good drivers.. I did not have trouble when I used to tram it to the Alfred Moons ago.

  2. "...not long ago I had a decent whinge about rough tram drivers..."

    I'm saying nothing. Not a dicky bird.

  3. Had a train driver the other day who obviously had a bet on to see how many passengers he could fling from seats, but we grimly held on and defeated him. Hope he paid up!

  4. Timelines Cazzie. Were they old W trams you caught to the Alfred or old modern Z trams?

    Brian, I have heard of a naughty tram passenger without a ticket and his punishment by the conductor.

    Interesting Jayne. I don't catch many trains. Normally they all seem to be driven the same. But then there was that time when I was in a packed train and it lurched over points your side of Caulfield and and a handsome young Indian student held me up. Steadied me for longer than was really required. Such nice eyes, such nice eyelashes. Stop right here.