Sunday, November 01, 2009

Tosh from the papers #39

'the rollout of smart meters across Victoria is expected to take up to five years. But once they are installed, they will be able to read a household's use every 30 minutes.

The smart meters will send information back to the provider and allow households to monitor their own power use in peak times.'

Some of our daily tabloid or broadsheet's finest work.

The highriser household visitor conversation goes like this.

'Lovely and warm/deliciously cool in here.'

'That is because the air con is on'. It is either heating or cooling minus times in autumn and spring, summer even, when it is not required.

I don't need a smart meter to tell me it costs a lot to run. The fridge costs quite a lot to run, but you don't have a lot of options there. Clothes dryer, yes, it costs, so that is why I minimise use of it and use a drying rack for most things.

Tvs and pc monitors are LCD, so don't use too much. Dishwasher uses it share to heat water.

So why would I need to pay for a smart meter? It ain't too hard.


  1. i'd like to send some information back to the provider - no. thank. you.
    I'm broke enough as it is without them imposing their technology upon my wallet.
    Maybe i'll start using candles so I can save on electricity ;)

  2. If 'they' installed a smart meter at my place it would be the only thing in it that is smart.


  3. I am so old that I remember when every house had a power meter labelled Off Peak for after 11pm at half the day cost, and that's when anybody sensible used the tumble dryer etc.
    Forget when they were discontinued, but later became an add-on option at a cost of $250 (so of course you wouldn't would you?)
    Re those bloody black balloons we iz all spewing out: local sports arenas are floodlit nightly for the Under-11s practice sessions, the ones their parents in the 4WD SUVs have to drive-to and pickup from, so what's the point of the rest of us stumbling around with a candle to save brown coal (or any other colour) being used to destroy earth.

    I am temporarily in a house with solar panels on a huge roof, 2 enormous water tanks, and a complete waste water treatment plant that turns every plugholes traffic into clean water for the dam. It cost however, an amount far beyond the earnings of anyone who might read my comment.

    And my favourite irritation?
    ALL Victorian utilities suppliers are owned by overseas corporations - Texans own TRU, Singapore owns Origin and OPTUS (hell they own the Ballarat bus company FFS) and there's more but it's too early in the day for me to go berserko yet.

    2 phone calls from Singapore could shut down Victoria totally.
    Think about that.

    Back on topic: refrigerators use enormous power, so pity your local corner shop if it's still there with all those drink/icecream frigs costing them $1000 per month.
    and think about the aircon and frigs at supermarkets and those black balloons.

  4. Is it compulsory???More bloody gadgets to tie us down to a lifetime of poverty it seems

  5. Yep, we must have them, cannot live without them, as these power companies would tell us.
    We have no say, we're stuck with their crap they're foisting on us for us to pay more money to line their pockets.

  6. You can manage your own electric Fenz? Well, that is the point. And we all look so much prettier in candle light.

    EmStacks, I can only remember off peak hot water meters. Being able to do off peak would be great for us consumers.

    Lights for the kiddies to play sport is good. Being driven there in a 4wd is not.

    They must be seriously rich people where you are staying. But there would be no town water.

    Quite so about Singtel. I took a few years, but the investment paid off and now the profits are flowing thick and fast. Oh to have smart government owned businesses. Ah, we did.

    I have nothing against air con and fridges to keep gin cold.

    MC, don't think so. Sometimes gadgets do my head in.

    Well Jayne, how will it be in fifty years when we are no longer around. Will anyone care and rant?

  7. Victor, the question always arises in my mind about how much money is spent/environmental effect is created by replacing old technology. Often I think the cure might be worse than the disease.