Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday TV

Finished watching the program about the Berlin Wall. I thought it would more about the fall of the Berlin Wall. Maybe there is more to come. Watched recorded Media Watch. Watched recorded Taggart. I love Taggart. Such beautiful Glasgow scenery and a hot copper with a Glaswegian accent. The chick with the decent sized nose is nice too (what a real woman who is not perfect? Very odd).

Channel 7 6pm news, Today Tonight, ABC news, 7.30 Report. Then something that caught my eye, a local show on SBS about a Chapel Street hairdresser and his much younger wife who bought a large property on the Mornington Peninsula (oh god, did I get peninsula right) for over $4mill to renovate and turn it into paying top end accommodation.

I never watch Channel Ten, but for Rush, which I half watch. Probably watch Graham Norton show on ABC 2 after this.


  1. Nai Targutt? Tha man is a feece lak a dried oot shammy lertha. At list ai did ave afore ee kicked tha bookit.

  2. Wait, what?! You didn't watch Beauty and the Geek last night? Shame on you!

  3. You never watch 10 yet they have Burn Notice and NCIS?

    I would like TAGGART if it had subtitles - I canna understand a thing they say.
    and yes, I love it that the chick isn't pretty like all those beauty-queen Yank cops, and also that the storyline gives her moments when she is the smarter one over the guys.
    Do remember though that as with Aussie shows where the characters always meet on the Sydney OperaHouse steps, that Taggart probably shows us the pretty bits of Glasgow. Guugle 'Sauciehall Street' it has Charles Rennie Mackintosh tearooms

  4. i love Graham Norton's show, he makes me giggle!

  5. Maybe Brian, but it is John Michie who I like, Robbie.

    No, not see it Evol. There are a few like that.

    Emstacks, it is pretty rare for me to watch US tv. Jackie from Taggart real name is Blythe Duff. I am sure Taggart showcases Glasgow very nicely.

    Fenz, not to be taken seriously, just good fun.