Monday, November 02, 2009


Sis in Law is in the UK and has been reunited with her son, the 22 year old dreaded nephew, dreaded because he has extremely long dreads. Nephew thought he was meeting his mate's mother at the Heathrow. Instead his own mother turned up. They both cried for five minutes. He is such a mummy's boy.

Ok, this is not how it was. It was telephone calls, texts and emails but indulge me.

Uncle Andrew and Uncle R stop Homesick stop Send money for air fare home stop Dreaded Nephew stop.

R became stressed while I remained practical. R wanted to buy the ticket from here. By them buying it over there, it was $400 cheaper. Flight Centre is sorting it out. It was a compromise. I reckon I could have gotten it cheaper. No matter, he is on the same flight home as his mother and her friend, via Seoul.

I wondered how many years it will take him to pay us back, but then I learnt he is due a £2,000 tax refund.

What an adventure he has had, from Thailand to floods in Hmong villages in Vietnam, to Helsinki, to Glasgow where he stayed and worked for a year and saw plenty, including visits to the Continent and now in London, where it is costing him more to live than he thought.

Haha, R's credit card is getting the bash, not mine. Well done me.


  1. andrew stop am homesick too stop please send 400 quid and book us a hotel in for two weeks in melbourne stop yours the dreaded antiquarian stop

  2. Brian stop You can't be homesick for somewhere you have never been stop We have a spare bedroom stop No night time creeping stop Reckon you and M can fly here and back home for 400 quid stop Good luck stop.

  3. andrew stop can too be home sick stop am sick of being at home stop its autumn stop season of rain wind and stray cats in the kitchen stop kettles boiling now so i must stop

  4. Andrew stop am homesick too stop want my friend from nigeria to come and visit stop he promises millions to repay the airfare stop just need to remit twenty thousand first for admin stop am sure you will indulge me stop this is a sure thing stop

  5. Sounds pleasant Brian stop Stay home then Stop

    KN stop Send him a camel ride voucher stop

  6. Andrew stop Feral Beast is homesick for Hadrian's Wall stop can he borrow 4,000 dollars for reuniting himself with his dream stop he's young so has plenty of working life ahead of him to repay you stop could also boil kettle for Brian stop

  7. Jayne stop I have a piece of Hadrian's Wall stop FB can make do with that stop Better you take in Brian stop He can have good chats with FB stop