Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sydney Curiosity

Is there a connection between this bloke and my post about a 'residence on a cliff top', about a third down, . Is the resident the Bondi Cave Man?


  1. Anonymous2:44 am

    Yes Andrew he is the one and only cliff dweller of Bondi. Well, no longer I suppose - am sure council will now clear his stuff of the cliff whilst he is in jail.

    But his belongings always caught people out who thought it was part of the sculpture by the sea exhibition. Suppose anything can be a work of art these days.

  2. Thanks Anon. I did initially think it was art, but then it looked a bit too 'lived in'.

  3. Waverley Council is having problems with its homeless men.

    Apart from Mr Rocks man facing the sexual assault charges, the Council recently had problems with an articulate and media savvy group of men living around the Bondi Beach pavilion at night and refusing orders to move on. Eventually Laurence Street QC was called in to mediate a solution which bought time for the men but not (I believe) a solution.

  4. Victor, I would be surprised that there is not a law under which they could be forcibly removed. But I am sure the government will come with a new law to solve the problem when the problem could have been solved by enforcing an old law.