Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I don't believe in a greater being, afterlife, horoscopes, flying saucers and add whatever nonsense you like to suggest.

So really, you could call this culture rather than superstitions, but you won't find me choosing the number 13 in a lottery, nor the unlucky Asian number, 4.

I do not walk under ladders, in fact I stay clear of any overhead workmen, especially since I was showered with building debris twice, once in Centre Road, Bentleigh, and once in High Street, Prahran.

Two other old superstitions I take note of, because R yells at me if I forget them, do not put new shoes on a table and do not open an umbrella indoors.

One more, do not give knives as a gift, and if you really want to, the recipient must pay you at least a token amount.

My grandmother lectured me about never changing the calendar month page before the new month arrived. She would change her calendar at the end of the month when she got up at night to go to the lavvy.

Like to tell me about yours, or places where you have noticed that there is not a 13 or a 4? Eg, we lived in a flat once where there were 26 flats but there was a flat numbered 27. Yep, no thirteen.

It is only in one of our lifts, but the external display does not show the fourth floor. The indicator is just blank four the fourth floor. Do not upset the prospective Asian buyers.


  1. There's no number 13 in our street. Then again, there's only eight houses.

  2. No shoes on table, no whistling inside, no knives as gifts, purses given as pressie with token money in them, no umbrellas indoors, no peacocks feathers in the house or daughters won't get hitched,keep a token of old baby gear or grandkids will multiply on the doorstep,Huntsmen spiders are supposedly good luck (only if I don't get 'em with my shoes I just threw off the table).

  3. The unit next to mine is Number 12A in place of being Number 13.

    I lived very happily in a house that was Number 13 for about ten years.

    I often walk under ladders on which men are working above. For a gay man the view looking upwards can be memorable.

  4. The recipient of a birthday cake can begin but never finish cutting the first piece of cake; this avoids cutting their luck for the next year.

  5. And lovely neighbours I am sure they are Brian....ah, not including the ones you murdered.

    Whistling one is new to me Jayne, otherwise, I know the rest.

    Your abode is of a certain age Victor. I don't think they omit 13 in new places. Anyone verify? Surprised about the house being 13. Yes, I agree with your about walking under ladders. I used to.

    Tradition in Australia Daisy, is for everyone to call out 'don't touch the bottom' as they cake is cut, so that would be the same. I never knew about the cutting next year's luck.

  6. When cutting the Wedding Cake, the one whose hand is on top of the knife will rule the house.

    My hand was tightly clasped in his when we cut the cake which was just as well, if I'd been in control of the knife it would have ended up in him instead of the cake. Followed by a glancing blow to the carotid artery of the best man. I could have given Dame Joan a run for her money as the bloodstained Bride of Lammermoore.

    On a more cheery note, tomorrow is the anniversary of my Decree Nisi.

  7. Ah, you make me laugh Jahteh.

  8. There's no level 3 in the lifts at St V's, but that's coz it's the prison level, no public access! I can't think of any superstitious stuff...

  9. Oh, level 3. Bad people. Is St Vs the only hospital for prisoners under guard?

  10. Most prisons have their own medical ward, but from what I have heard they're more for observations and putting on bandaids. Yes St V's is the only hospital with a high security ward for prisoners in Victoria. The last 2 weeks have been busy in there with almost all beds being filled.

  11. Fenz, like when the media are camped out at our nearby police station, I will have to think about who has been in trouble over the last week.

  12. Dont give shoes (or footwear) as gifts to your partner as it means he/she will walk away from you.

    Dont give a watch as a gift as time will run out on the rship.

    Saying that, I live in #4 but mum has told me to put a horseshoe beside the house number. And I have a lucky frog facing inwards by the door to usher in and keep good luck. :)

    Who says I believe in this stuff ;)

  13. Ah, Rocketmail girl. How nice to hear from you. Ok, you have a new blog. How remiss of me to not notice. I have given both shoes and watches and so far, so good....not superstitious but touch wood.

    So you can negate bad numbers with accessories. How practical.

    Lordy, you have been to Cambodia. I must read.