Thursday, November 05, 2009

Lost at the Astor

It must be nearly thirty years since I first heard this amusing piece of music. I still love it today. Interesting, the performer, Harry Roy, married the daughter of the white Rajah of Sarawak.


  1. 'sable cape' is a funny euphemism alright.

  2. Sable?
    So the collar didn't match the cuffs? :P
    Love these old 'uns, they're pure class ;)

  3. Thanks for that! I first heard that song on the radio, when a CD with songs that the BBC banned from being broadcast was reviewed.

    It makes me laugh everytime I hear it!

  4. Wot you saying Ann? It is not really about a lost sable coat?

    Pretty naughty for the time Jayne.

    Hi Mark. I have heard of the cd. Wonder if the Red Baron was among the banned tracks.