Sunday, November 15, 2009


No, it is not a baby lesbian. Lezzet is Turkish restaurant in Brighton Road Elwood that is rather good. Dame M's Boarder had his birthday dinner there on Saturday night. Nine of us joined him to celebrate. It wasn't cheap, but the food was excellent, as was the service. We sat next to a huge open window to the footpath and ate too much, drank too much and talked too much. It was a lovely night.

I learned some stuffs too. Brighton Antique Dealer has a friend who is assisting her with interior decoration. She has only referred to him by his first name in the past but I learnt that he is the very well known Grandpa Acid. Google finds him if you don't know who he is. To hard to link. The people BAD knows...

One of our dyke friends in heavily involved in bush fire reconstruction standards.

Dame M's nieces have not given up contesting her will, but they have now been forced to mediation with both The Boarder and Dame M's step sons.

A while ago we notice The Boarder's hair dresser friend had put on some weight. She wraps and layers, so it wasn't really that obvious. She has lost an incredible 17kgs, yet she did not lose it in her face, that is she is not looking gaunt or haggard.

I went to the restaurant straight from work, hence having the car rather than getting the tram there. I was not nominated driver to get home. Suffer R. I had parked a bit away and while walking from the car, I tried to work out where the Stardust Cafe was that we used to frequent in the group of shops a mere three decades ago.

Sometimes nights out are ok, but this one really worked well.


  1. Sounds like a really enjoyable night out amongst friends :)
    Sad that Dame M's will is still being contested, how grasping and greedy.
    Your friend involved in bushfire reconstruction isn't the one pictured in the paper yesterday, in the Dandenongs?

  2. I'm glad you had such a good night with your friends...sounds like a lovely restaurant.

  3. "She has lost an incredible 17kgs..."

    What's that in real weight? It's about 3 ounces, isn't it?

  4. Golly, Grandpa Acid. I do recall that fellow from Melbourne clubland, some years back I must say, if he's still kicking around the traps I guess it gives proof to the theory some thing never change! Or even quality never goes out of fashion!

  5. Terribly greedy Jayne. Dame M was very kind and generous to her nieces when they were young. No doubt Dame M's sister is behind pushing them.

    Very nice Dina.

    Brian, 2.2 x 17 = 37.4lb.

    Not sure about quality Ian but he sounds like a nice guy. I was introduced to him years ago. His first claim to fame was dancing with Kylie Minogue on a podium at 3 Faces.

  6. Missed that Jayne. No, she would never leave the comfort of an office chair.