Saturday, November 28, 2009


Help me. Life is too busy. It is happening faster than I can write about it. Lucky I have this post I prepared earlier. Change date from 5/11 to 28/11

This is our intercom for visitors to announce their arrival, for us to see and hear who it is and for us to open the front door to let them in. Our building is now ten years old and it is hard to believe we have lived here for seven years.

If it was a building built in the last couple of years, instead of having bulky black and white CRT monitor, it would be a colour LCD and sit very flat against the wall. Still, it does the job. We can see and hear whoever calls up, just not which shade of fuchsia they are wearing.

The bottom button is to open the front door to the building. I emailed the English maker of the intercom a few years ago to find out what the other two buttons do. They don't do anything and I forget what they said that they could do.

The flexible cord is discoloured compared to the rest of the unit. Not even bleach will get it the same as the intercom.

Note the phone plug below. When we moved in it had one of those big ugly old Telecom plugs. God knows why they used them. Same in my bedroom. I did not worry about the one in my bedroom as it can't be seen, but I very quickly changed this one to something a little more attractive and discreet.


  1. When we were in Sydney, we had an intercom like that. The sound didn't work though. At one point, Tim and our friend needed to tell us something so they had to write messages on paper and hold them up.

  2. i used to have a similar set up in my old apartment... it was great for spying on people, or shouting out things at them as they strolled past.

  3. Ha, that is funny Dina. Same model then?

    Yours was superior then Fenz. Ours only works for a couple of minutes if someone calls.