Thursday, November 26, 2009

Invincible Metcard

I snapped this with the thought that there wasn't much point repainting this sandwich board as Metcard will soon become redundant, to be replaced by our ever so expensive and much delayed Myki system.

Now I am not so sure. The guessed Myki start date by many, mid November, has passed by. The new system must be very complicated as they have had to employ 'Myki Mates' to assist the public. Rumour has it that Myki Mates have been temporarily laid off, indicating there won't be a Myki start soon.

Btw, cigarette buts are bad enough, but at least they wash or blow away. How disgusting is chewing gum badly disposed of. City of Stonnington is obviously too busy with clearway parking to be bothering about chewing gum removal, or cleaning public rubbish bins for that matter. They are disgusting too. City of Melbourne can take a bow on clean rubbish bins.


  1. those blue 2-hour cards are still sold and used alongside the MYKIs.
    On buses, drivers are not gonna be arsed to recharge a MYKI by $2 for a person who is cash strapped, just sell them a blue ticket.

    here's what we all know about electronic CPU-type equipment - it all hates extreme heat, and last week on the really hot day I heard a driver radio base that his screen was registering 40C degrees. or 110F

  2. I hadn't even noticed the chewing gum until you pointed it out. I was too busy looking at the amount of mismatched tarmac on the road...

  3. dear Brian re mismatched tarmac:
    there is an Aussie tradition that the moment the council makes a nice footpath, the gas electric and phone companies all arrive and dig up their bit of it as the council truck drives away.

  4. Brownie, I wonder how much testing has happened in extreme heat. I can understand where the bus drivers are coming from.

    It is art Brian. Mosaic roads and footpaths.

    Brownie, remember the chemist in High Street Armadale who put a plaque in the footpath putting a curse on whoever disturbed it.

  5. Bloody Myki, pfft.

  6. Anonymous11:06 am

    This myki thing is hilarous - everyone has an opinion on it, usually a pretty bad opinion, even though they've never used it! Some would say we're a city of ignorant change-haters...I wouldn't be that cruel :) I've been part of the trial for the past few weeks and I gotta tell you, it beats queuing in terror at the train station wondering which will arrive first - the looming train, or the slow-as-a-wet-week metcard dispenser.

  7. But won't there be queues once we all start using it? Especially as everyone stops to swipe off when getting off a tram or bus. I for one I am very keen for a smart card, just cross that the system seems to be so clunky and that they didn't use this opportunity to create a more sensible system of ticketing.

  8. I can see by your opinion Jayne, that you have given Myki plenty of thought.

    Anon, while I know it is going to beastly for delaying trams, I think it will settle down eventually.

    Katya, trams and to a lesser extent buses are where the real problems will be. Personally, I don't like the two hour ticket system. It doesn't work well for us who want to walk one way and get a tram or bus home.

  9. Nope, the MMs are still alive and kicking. There were three at Werribee train station on Thursday evening just past. "We're here to answer any questions about Myki!" they announce, proudly.

    And yeah, having been in London and experienced their Oyster card system, it rocks the socks off Myki. You don't break your stride going through the gates at all.

    It's going to take an hour just to get home from the train station of an evening. 3 second scans multiplied by at least 100 people each drop-off ... on four scanners. It's NOT going to work.

  10. Indeed Ren. I am glad I said rumour and not stated it as fact. I think we have have faith that the scanners will be down to one second. The minister has said so. We all trust government ministers.