Saturday, November 07, 2009

Friday TV

Watched recorded ABC's Addicted to Money, first of three parts detailing the global financial crisis. Well made, but I did not learn much.

Watched recorded John Saffan's Race Relations. Don't know if I will bother again. The foreskin restoration piece was amusing.

Watched Stateline. I used to be able to watch other state's Stateline on ABC 2 before it was ABC 2. Then The Collectors and Midsommer Murders.


  1. Martin8:23 pm

    I thought the second episode of Race Relations was the least funny of the three (that 'black face' one wasn't funny at all to me, really).

  2. I agree Martin. I did not bother watching it all. I lost interest.

  3. "The foreskin restoration piece was amusing."

    Sounds like a cover-up job to me.

  4. A failed attempt Brian.