Monday, November 16, 2009

Flashing my Equipment

I really have no idea what flashing is and as you will read, it does not matter because I am not doing it.

There does not seem to be an Australian Samsung forum for discussion of my new phone. It is sold in Europe under another name, not Ultra Touch, so I use that forum, although I have not posted on it as yet. I am slowly working out the features of my phone. Like all mobiles now, it does amazing things, most of which I will never use.

As yet I have not found out how to add words to the dictionary. Please, a gay man with a phone that won't even T9 'cock'. I know it has the ability to add words and eventually I will find where the feature is. It is a particularly poor lacking in detail manual that came with it.

Bu then I came across the Whirlpool forum that had many posts about my phone. I became terribly excited with news of firmware updates and 'flashing' your phone. I must have these updates and flash my phone. My fingers were on the trigger.

Stop. Is it broke? Is there a problem? Is something annoying me that a firmware upgrade will fix? No, no and no. Why ask for trouble? I will let well enough alone.


  1. "Like all mobiles now, it does amazing things..."

    Apart from allow you to make a phone call without the reception breaking up every few seconds. Or is that just mine?

  2. It's always a good idea to run the latest firmware as released by the manufacturer.

    Mainly because it will fix any security holes and sort out any issues that may arise.

    That said it's also a good idea to Google before the update to see if anyone has had any major problems AFTER upgrading the firmware.

  3. Whatever happened to phones that mad simple, basic phone calls?
    Oh, that's right...Telstra removed all the public phones.

  4. Brian, switching from BT may come at a cost.

    Well Andy, yes, some people have had problems. I will leave well enough alone. Maybe.....

    Worse Jayne, they finally removed the old style red telephone box opposite South Melbourne Town Hall.

  5. I know, against the formal agreement with the local council and heritage groups.