Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dissin the Scios

I have not formed a full opinion of Senator Nick Xenophon yet, but go Nick on using parliamentary privilege to get stuck into the Church of Scientology. While it probably lacks logic, I don't mind so much traditional Australian religions getting privileges (well, yes I do really), but how on earth did the Church of Scientology get privileges? Ok, yes High Court decision. Bah humbug.

If Church of Scientology can get such privileges, why not give to the other new cranks, Falun Gong.

Of course sensible people have no truck with the Scios. But what about the Baptists? What about Hillsong?

May god save us. Clearly our politicians will not.


  1. Poor Tom and Poor Vinnie Barbarino - they can't leave or the SciMOB will release whatever's in the tapes they made when they joined.
    A LAN Downunder has a good post with statistics.

  2. Was most surprised John admitted in court that his son had Autism, something they'd always denied.Of course Scios don't believe Autism exists, which shows how sticking ones head in the sand and singing "la la la la" really works wonders!

  3. Add blackmail to the long list then Emstacks.

    I wonder if many of them are autistic Jayne?

  4. I spent a dreadful 10 days with an "old friend" I thought...who offered to help me edit my manuscript just after it was finished. He was a Scientologist and a real control freak. He mucked about with my head and my book so much so that I had to order him to took me ages to undo the mental damage he did in that short time, and weeks to undo the damage he did to the manuscript.

    he just got weirder and weirder. We had known him for decades and trusted him.

    Strange thing about him that had always puzzled us was that he was an asexual sort of person - mainly because the only one he was in love with was himself...I learned what a full blown narcissist was in that time and a lot of the long term Scientologists seem to be like that They are a bloody cult full stop and quite dangerous.

    There are different forms of terrorism - and too many scientologists practice terrorism of the mind.

    thats my rant for the day

  5. That must have been an awful and I guess sad experience MC. Especially from someone you have know so long.