Wednesday, November 25, 2009

City of Stonnington Clearways

What is City of Stonnington up to? Cities of Yarra and Boroondara too I believe. Stonnington, led my Mayor Claude Ullin is alternating between playing dumb and then defiance over installing new clearway signs. We no understand. There has been no consultation. We won't do it.

With the well organised protests by shop traders, Stonnington and Yarra have already wrung out a concession from the state government. The afternoon clearway times have been modified and so won't be quite as effective in clearing the roads for trams to run smoothly.

For as long as I can remember City of Malvern, now the enlarged Stonnington has been anti public transport. But the laws have been gazetted and there is nothing to stop them being enforced, regardless of what signage there may be on the street, so take care in Stonnington.

These are roads controlled by VicRoads and the council has no say, so the quicker they put up the signs, the better for all.

Otherwise I think they would be due for punishment from the government by increasing the number of clearways to include the length of Glenferrie Road, Burke Road from Dandenong Road to Doncaster Road and Chapel Street from Dandenong Road to Victoria Street.

There are absolutely no votes of any numbers for our Labor state government in these areas. Go for it Pallas and Brumby.


  1. There's lots of bitching and moaning about the Sydney Rd clearways since the intro of new times. The traders are saying there's not been enough advertising of the new times, which is bullsh*t coz 95% of the shops have signs in the windows plus there are SIGNS! People are complaining coz their cars are getting towed away. I say STIFF! If you can't take responsibility for your own actions then you deserve to have your car towed.

  2. "What is City of Stonnington up to?"

    You're asking me? I don't even know where it is.

  3. Fenz, given the inconvenience and the horrendous cost, I am surprised people aren't more careful about parking in clearways. The doom and gloom of Sydney Road traders going broke because of the changes has not eventuated. No surprise there.

    Brian, you are so unsympathetic.

  4. Ban all cars.
    There, that felt blissful!
    I'm sure the Govt could get blissed out by issuing the same proclamation.
    (Not holding my breath...)

  5. In the inner suburban and some like Oakleigh, yes, ban 'em.