Monday, November 23, 2009

Cafe 434

R usually gets home from work about 4pm. If I am at home we usually go out for a walk and often have coffee while we are out, thereby undoing the good work the walk is doing.

We started to go to Cafe 434, oddly located at 434 St Kilda Road. They have a very nice outdoor seating area and the coffee and service is good. All well.

Yet, a couple of visits ago when we arrived for coffee at 4.30, we were told the coffee machine had just been turned off. Ok, must be closing. We had a beer each instead.

The next time, same thing again. We were told we could have drinks but the coffee machine was off. We went elsewhere.

And again last week, same story. We can only conclude the owner has decided selling drinks is more profitable than coffee. It is his business and he can do what he likes, but he has lost us as customers. We have had the odd lunch there too. We won't again. I would like to go back one more time to hand the loyalty card back and tell him why.

The trouble living here is that everything starts to shut down when offices close, so there is not a lot of choice for a good cup of coffee nearby. I automatically discount Gloria Jean as it has lousy coffee and in a paper cup.

There is the new Cafe Vue opposite but we already had issues with just two visits.

A friend recently asked to we ever go to the steak restaurant at No 1 Queens Road. We haven't, although a person in the murky past thought it was good. She also asked if we go to the Royce Hotel. We have not been there either.

To be honest, I thought The Royce looked too posh for us. I feel intimidated in such places. However, we wanted coffee and we wanted it now and drizzle had started so we needed somewhere outdoors with umbrellas and The Royce had just that. The coffee was great, the staff friendly and we will be back there many times in the future I think.

The odd thing about Cafe 434 turning their coffee machine off is that you can buy coffee in almost every decent hotel now, yet not in the cafe. Ah well, his loss.


  1. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Its worse out in the 'burbs - spent ages on Sunday afternoon looking for a cafe for a coffee - eventually wound up at Eastland, Ringwood. Dump of a place, but all we could think of that would be open. The missus then checked out the reject shop and bought "things" and I checked out JB HiFi, and marveled at the array of expensive consumer toys available....

  2. "The trouble living here is that everything starts to shut down when offices close..."

    Make up a flask and take it to the park. It's cheaper as well.

  3. It's hard finding a good coffee maker which is also local to home. We've almost turned into hermits, preferring Tony's homemade instead.
    When out and about I too refuse Gloria Jeans, no matter how good the scent is as I walk past. Can't remember details, but there was some reason to not go there, so I just remember the rule, not the reasoning :) I do however like coffee from Michel's patisserie. Consistantly good coffee for a franchise.

  4. Guess which coffee shop remains inside Royal North Shore Hospital now the NSW Gov has closed down the canteen? ...Gloria Jeans and their food is all cakes and pastry - great for long term country visitors...

    I love finding cafes with good coffee and sitting out on the street watching the passing people... sadly have had to stop drinking real coffee due to Blood Pressure issues (it helped) I just hope they make their decaffinated taste halfway decent...

    I hope you do take back the loyalty card and tell them why...

  5. Understand Michael. I hate reject/$2 shops. I can't go into them without coming out with stuffs. Irresistible.

    Sadly Brian, a double machiato does not travel well in a flash.

    When you got your coffee maker Raelene, I did think of getting one, but decided not to. Gets me out of the place. Been to Michel's at Victoria Gardens and Altona. It was fine.

    Could be worse MC. You could have a McDonalds like our main hospital. Psst, don't tell my doctor about the connection between blood pressure and coffee consumption.

  6. Our smallish local Sunday Rotary Market sometimes has up to 2 decent coffee shops on wheels doling out the delicious drops, keep your eyes open when tootling past those markets!

  7. Surprising to me Jayne, the coffee from those carts is usually quite good.