Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Brunswick Fall

Or that could be a Brunswick Fail. Fenz took some snaps of the building that fell down yesterday. I have wondered about accidents like this for some time. I have looked at construction sites where construction workers have dug deep and there is an existing building next door. I gaze in puzzlement as to why the building next door does not fall into the hole.

Clearly some clever engineering works prevent such a thing happening, but obviously not fail safe engineering works.

The Brunswick fall has caused massive inconvenience to so many people and cost authorities and people lots of money.

This is just general speculation but I wonder if it is not like the way cars are now constructed, that is the 'just in time' process for supplying parts to be fitted to a car being built? If something goes wrong in the parts supply chain, the construction of the car stops.

The construction companies do not under engineer when shoring up a hole in the ground (I hope), but nor do they over engineer, which would cost more money. They hit the sweet spot, that is minimal expense and a shoring up that will work............but without a margin for error.


  1. There's been a few building sites in recent years that have puzzled me with niggling differences...then I realised it was the proximity to existing buildings that hadn't been permitted before but are happening willy-nilly everywhere.

  2. Interesting to note in The Hun the final few lines in the article state that the council had not issued a permit for the excavation work.

  3. ooh that's interesting Jayne re: the lack of permit. I'll have to keep my eyes open to see what comes of it all.

    I just feel so very sorry for the doctor who owned the clinic, and her patients. It's hard enough to get into a clinic round here. I hope she can find a suitable place to rent in the interim.

  4. And no one from the council noticed the work Jayne. Outrageous. Yes, building are very close now.

    Fenz, I heard her on the radio and saw her receptionist on tv. Makes it very hard for her. I hope she can retrieve her records ok.