Monday, November 23, 2009

Anyone in charge in NSW?

There must be a good number of Sir Humphrey Appleby's beavering away in NSW to keep the state going, because the incumbent Labor government does not seem to be functioning.

Dysfunctional is possibly an overused word, but not in the case of NSW government. However, I witnessed myself in July that Sydney is still functioning perfectly well, in spite of the government. Bureaucracy has stepped in to fill the breach.

It is clear that, short of a miracle, a Labor government will not be elected at the next NSW state election. Ipso facto, it will be a conservative Liberal government and while I hope it does not indulge in the excesses of Victoria's last Liberal government, I really don't think it will be such a bad thing. So much for me being rusted on Labor.

Like Victoria, there are some shocking gaps in train services. There are whole not even really new very populated areas without a train line. The cost of car commuting with so many toll roads in Sydney make our rapacious Citylink look like a charity.

If ever a state needed a person with charisma and vision to lead it, NSW is it.


  1. "...there are some shocking gaps in train services."

    Not as bad as the shocking gaps in the bridges round here that have appeared in the last couple of days.

  2. Excellent post HR.

    Premier peccadilloes* is the phrase of the week though.

    * OTOH an armadillo is a desert animal with a tough hide.

  3. Sir Humphrey Appleby, another blast from the past! One of the of the funniest and cleverest programs to come out of the BBC and so wickedly accurate about the functioning (or dysfunctioning) of our politicians and governments. Stills as much relevance 20yrs on and in Australia as it did way back then in the UK!

  4. We have heard Brian. I have yet to read about it yet. I hope they are not old bridges, but I gather some are.

    Ann, I assume you are referring to SA. I can't see the big deal myself.

    Time Boy, my favourite tv show ever, with Fawlty Towers a close second.

  5. "If ever a state needed a person with charisma and vision to lead it, NSW is it."

    Yes, but where is such a person? Apparently not in NSW.

  6. Certainly not the present union bovver boi Victor. I am not so familiar with many in gov or opposition. Maybe there is someone half decent.

  7. Even 'half decent' seems beyond both the Government and the Opposition in NSW at present.

  8. Labor has been in too long and they came into NSW at a time when the Coalition left us with a triple A we are a state of beggars no doubt borrowing from China as is the Rudd Gov...

    I am finding myself more and more respecting the nationals who seem to be making more down on the street common sense...

  9. I suppose Clover has now fallen into line with the party Victor.

    Ah MC. Triple A at what cost? Part of the problem now is that money was not borrowed to invest in the future of the state and its people. The Nationals are often preferable. At least they make it clear what they stand for.