Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ageing Disgracefully

No, not me. I am just ageing, neither nicely nor disgracefully.

Radio broadcaster, music expert, writer, columnist and funny girl Myf Warhurst recently went to an opening of an art exhibition with works by a female artist who is in her eighties. Myf said she does not normally go to such places, but there was free champagne and she wanted to meet the artist and meet her she did.

The artist pulled Myf's top down and examined her breasts and then pulled her top back up and they then had a nice chat.

After the formalities the artist took a bottle of champers and poured some of it over her own head and skulled the rest. She then pulled her dress up and dried her face off. Myf said that the artist was not wearing old lady underwear. The mind boggles.

Who on earth can this outrageous old duck be?

Surely not this kindly looking old lady who I saw briefly interviewed on tv where she lamented the closing of the el cheapo Dimmeys Department Store?

Photo is by blogger Jenny Luca who wrote a couple of rather interesting posts about her daughter meeting the woman. Pt 1 here and pt 2 here. The person who I refer to earlier may or may not be the person below, but I know where my money would be.


  1. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Oh Mirka, how I love her. I had the exact same thought when I read Myf's article.

  2. It sounds like Mirka. She really is a delightful lady. She was more than gracious when the students from my school visited. They were thrilled to meet her.

  3. She is just magic MD. Is she a national living treasure? She should be.

    Hi Jenny. Hope you don't mind me borrowing. I am really pleased to hear that she relates well to young people. Did you say it was something they won't forget? I'm sure they won't.

  4. BRILLIANT! I love people who have character!

  5. Oh to be regarded fondly as an eccentric and tolerated when I pull down men's pants to inspect their equipment rather than be treated as a dirty old man and arrested for assault and indecent behaviour.


  6. Never heard of her before today but thank you ofr the post

  7. Oh Fenz, character she has aplenty.

    A thought that may well have occurred to me Victor.

    MC, she is a very interesting woman and I think she would be happy to have her past described as salacious.