Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The television set

(Wrong publish date. Corrected now)

I had started a post on tv, with too much writing. Instead I will give a day by day blow for a week or so and throw other stuff in where I think of it.

Today I watched recorded Landline. You have to keep in touch with your country roots. Kezza, take note. Lamb prices down. Southern oscillation index not looking good. Kill the wild horses in NZ.

Watched a recorded Aussie doco on tropical rain forests. Very interesting, narrated by Jack Thompson I think, who can use a broad Aussie accent, but he did not for this show. It should sell well internationally. A boi bower bird destroying another boi bower bird's courting room was kewl.

Watched half a show about the wall dividing East and West Germany. Interesting. Bloke wanted to smuggle his girlfriend from west to east, he had rights of passage, and substituted his fuel tank with his g/f.
Will watch the rest.

Heard news all day, so no interest in news tonight, except for wanting to see pics of the fallen building in Brunswick. Hope Fenz's foundations are ok.

7.30 Report, half watched.

New Inventors, half watched. A cockroach trap?

City Homicide. She did not highly feature this week, but I vividly recall last week when Noni Hazelhurst had a big part and she was fabulous. Noni is magic. What an actor.

Watching recorded Spics and Specks now. Someone suggested that the show will go forever. I don't think so.

The slip in, a fabulous doco on the Ganges. I tried to watch the recent show about India, but I lost interest. The three part Ganges show was great.


  1. I rather like City Homicide.

    A mate of mine with a history of acting and directing once asked me if I had noticed anything odd about Noni's appearances in the show. My answer was that many of her scenes seemed to filmed in elevators.

    This wasn't what he had in mind. He told me that in most of her scenes Noni is seen clutching a clipboard, books or something similar to her chest. He claimed this was to mask Noni's weight. I can't vouch for the rationale but since he mentioned it I have been bemused by how often I have seen her photographed exactly as he commented.

  2. Oh...and Ganges was a terrific program.

  3. LMAO, don't make jokes about my foundations, you should see the cracks in the wall and slab of the place I live in! At least now I know what to look out for before the place falls down!

  4. I saw the rainforest doco on ABC the other night too. I am not really into that sort of program but I was fascinated by it, it was so well made and I agree the boi bower bird was hilarious mucking up his rival's nest!!

  5. I'm not really one for TV, but thanks for keeping an eye on commodity prices for me. I miss Landline, I honestly do.

    Sigh, the farm boy in me must be pining for home again. I'd best drink him into submission before it all goes pear-shaped.

  6. She is looking quite ample in the neck and face Victor. I have noticed the clipboard too. A fat cop? Just too unusual. She did last Monday's ABC Melbourne Afternoon show. She was not bad at that either. I kept thinking about how much pollution goes in the river though.

    If a window spontaneously breaks Fenz, run.

    TVAU, I think if you are of a certain age, you have seen so many nature docos, you get over them.

    Mutant, pleased to hear you spend your time more profitably than watching tv. It is just a grass seed in your sock, not a grain of wheat.