Friday, October 09, 2009

Planning Minister Madden

Look Jussy, here is another old building. Bring on the dozers and let them have their way with Linden, in Acland Street St Kilda.

Melbourne is being absolutely ruined by demolition of old buildings and thereby spoiling streetscapes. Old building can be reused you know Justin. Lonsdale House is large enough to give a good return to a developer should such a company wish to turn it into apartments or nice human sized shops.

More freeways and pay roads are being built with millions of dollars being spent yet housing development is allowed to proceed on the outskirts of Melbourne with not a cent being spent on providing a rail service. Huge areas of developed Melbourne are now without a rail service. Show me a freeway that does not end up congested soon after it is built?

Our existing tram and train services are groaning under the weight of numbers, and all I hear is gab gab gab, with very little being done.

People people everywhere. Four million people in Melbourne, in a city designed for perhaps two million.

Green wedges in Melbourne to keep a little bit of wilderness, or grassland at least. A nip here, a tuck there, a road here, a housing estate there. A bit of trading.

Yarra Park, next to our mega sporting venue, the MCG, about to be turned into a carpark when we were promised it would not be.

Not enough water to maintain our parks and sporting ovals, let alone fountains, yet heaps of waste water flows out to sea while in the meantime we steal some from the water starved north and west or desalinate with huge energy costs.

Movement of freight by rail collapses. Don't invest in a better rail freight system, move the freight by trucks, bigger trucks, nearly thirty metres long. One either side and one behind is alarming when you are driving, and that is the existing sized trucks. Restricted to certain roads? Heard that before and look at where the B Double trucks travel now.

Carbon trading scheme. How marvellous. Don't reduce our carbon emissions. Just buy and sell carbon emissions and charge consumers more. Heard the expression 'sold a pup'.

Electric cars, proven technology, and yet we are so dumb we cannot make them and few of us drive them.

Australia, a rich and blessed land. Plenty of sunshine, a long coastline with lots of waves, plenty of wind, plenty of water but perhaps not where it is needed, and how do we generate power? By burning coal dug up from the ground which sends smoke high into the sky, day in, day out. How do we get water? Not by recycling but by an energy intensive desalination plant.

Stupid retiring politician says have two babies plus one for the country. Yeah, right, more people we do not need.

I have depressed myself and you too perhaps. Here is another photo to cheer you up again.

The top photo is The Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts. Below is a photo of the property when it was a house. Looks better in sepia hey.


  1. Hear, Hear to everything.
    You've nudged a memory.

  2. All pretty well motherhood statements hey Jayne. Now what is the nudged memory?