Sunday, October 11, 2009

Park and Fitzroy, St Kilda

This was the first of Fitzroy Street's new tram stops. The tram is known as a Bumblebee, for obvious reasons. It is French made and only leased by Yarra Trams. It is soon to return to Spain along with its other few mates that service Route 96.

The bike lane is a new addition but cyclists have issues with it. I have my own issues with it and I will write about that later. Note that Fitzroy Street now has a forty kilometre speed limit and yes, that motel above the shops is still there. What that motel has seen in its life time would make hair curl.

When tiny little clumps of grass were planted at the tram stop, I was doubtful they would survive. I was sure they would quickly be trampled to death but at least the area closest in the photo are doing well.

Fitzroy Street is much more pleasant and with less traffic due to the efforts of City of Port Phillip, Yarra Trams and Vic Roads. Not often you would hear praise by me for any of them.

And here is a photo of the venerable Prince of Wales Hotel. It is looking very fine these days, but still has its original feel in the ground level bars. There are serving windows to the street seating, a very pleasant place to sit in tree leaf filtered rays on a sunny day.


  1. Prince of Wales Hotel... I love it there. Watching the World go by as you sit and chat to people :)

  2. I've seen so many great bands at The Prince. I find it annoying that we give road space to cyclists, when they don't pay a registration fee to use the roads the way cars have to.

  3. That motel would be The Pebble Court Motor Inn! As I recall anyway....

  4. "The tram is known as a Bumblebee, for obvious reasons."

    Nobody can work out how it manages to fly?

  5. Spain? Try France.

  6. 'Tis a great place Cazzie.

    Evol, well yes, but then I don't want them all individually in cars or overfilling the already crowded St Kilda trams.

    Pebble Court Ian. Another thing to check out.

    Brian, depends who is driving it.

    Andy, weren't they built in France for a city in Spain and then because of the global downturn they delayed taking them, hence they were available for lease here.

  7. They are from Mulhouse, which is in France.

  8. Okies, France it is, no Spanish connection.

  9. You should never doubt me. I know everything and I'm always correct.

  10. Pains me to say so, but you are right. No doubt you have checked the spelling of Mulhouse, so I don't neede to chech thatt eithar. There is a fantastic train museum at Mulhouse with a tipped over train.......but ah, you download ABC podcasts, so I suppose you know that too. I'll just give you a decent bitch slapping then.

  11. My friend AnnO'D has been thrown out of the old PoWales. never figured out why, but they had guns so she went. Obviously 'a case of mistaken identity' as the movie line goes.
    The Old Prince opened their bottle shop at 8am and did a great trade with the residents of the park opposite.
    I used to watch it all from the tramstop going to work each day in 1995. I envied those happy people, sleeping in the treebranches wrapped in doonas, or on their circled couches round their roaring fire, waiting for the slab-bearers to cross back over from the PoW.
    its all rooned now. their Amenities Block was bulldozed for the fn Grand Prix.

  12. Kennetts doing. They wouldn't look nice for overseas visitors. One little bit of land as their own in St Kilda and they were driven away.