Monday, October 12, 2009

Not my birthday

Well, it is not my birthday yet the celebrations have been and gone. I have had my presents too, bar one.

Saturday night we met with Sister, Little Jo, Sis In Law and Teen Niece at the Dick Whittington for dinner. We had a great meal. Fillet Mignon for $20 put me in a very good frame on mind. The Dick has butchers paper table coverings and crayons on each table, so Little Jo was entertained, as was Teen Niece. Little Jo shared her stickers with Teen Niece to adorn their artwork.

Little Jo has had a cold and so Sister is trying to get her to cover her mouth if she coughs. Little Jo forgets though. You tell her, said Sister. She'll listen to you. Sister must have picked up that I already nag Little Jo about please and thank you and make her pick things up off the floor. So not only will I have to teach Little Jo how to apply makeup, now I must teach her manners too.

We came back to our place for cake and coffee. Little Jo helped me to blow out my candles.

The visitors did not stay too long. R gave Sis in Law the opals to pass on to his sisters when she sees them in the UK.

Yesterday the Brighton Antique Dealer had organised a bash at Milanos at Brighton Beach. Last week it was decided to make it a get together for my birthday too. She gave me this gorgeous tray and a Limouge side plate. I am very pleased with the tray.

Frankly, it wasn't a great lunch. R and I weren't at the table when orders were been taken. We chased the waitress and put out orders in just a few minutes after everyone else. Everyone's meal arrived at the same time, except mine and R's. R's came five minutes later but although staff kept apologising for the delay, mine did not arrive until everyone else had finished. Given there was about fifteen in our party, I thought my meal might have been removed from the bill, but nope. It wasn't that I was particularly hungry. I just hated everyone else fussing about it.

We adjourned to another large room to see a ten piece band with a female vocalist. They were terrific but we did not stay long. Back to BAD's place for coffee and more cake. I find such socialising hard work. I should not complain but be grateful to have friends.

Milanos. Great building, nice bars inside and sea views.

BAD's shop house. There is a half metre high board between the shop and the house to step over. It stops her dog causing mayhem in the shop.


  1. Ahhhh!
    I spy with my little eye someone who is going to be dropping "but Aunt Andrew says..." into conversation all through her teen years with her friends as pearls of wisdom from The Master ;)

  2. A lamington birthday cake. That's my kind of cake.


  3. I hope you are teaching Little Jo to cough into her
    elbow rather than her hand.
    I was recently at a party where the parent was reminding her son to cover his mouth when he coughed, but he coughs into his hands and then happily offered to help put the candles into the cake, and to pass around the napkins and plates. Eeew! No cake for me thanks!

  4. Smiling with glee at the prospect Jayne.

    I chose it Victor. I like lamingtons. Bit messy though.

    Good point Altissima. How long to germs survive outside the body?

  5. I agree with Altissima....not to helpful to cough into your hand.

    And's so annoying when one person's food is brought to the table when everyone else is finished eating. Sorry that happened.

  6. What a lovely head of curls she has - does she eat her crusts? I used to hide mine under the sheet of Lono stuff we had on the old wooden table - do you remember people doing that at all in the country?

    I'd squash it all down so it didn't look like it was there - and my great mum never let on she know - I never puzzled where they went to either - A few curls and waves came in menopause Hey!!!

    I love the photos of melbourne - its a beautiful city in places - Sydney has the harbour but melbourne has Mood...if that makes sense.

    Happy Big birthday...ahem How old - I am older so i can ask?

  7. Nice tray Birthday Boi but mine doesn't need a doily, you just lick the crumbs off.

  8. Happy birthday. Only two more years until retirement.

  9. Well Dina, I suppose it is better than not covering at all.

    MC, we called it something else.....condolium? Baize? Let me know if you know. I had curly hair too when I was a kid. Little Jo's mother her mother had curly blonde hair as babies, as did her mother's father. Thanks about the photos. Melbourne is for living in. I can't type the digits, but three score less eight.

    T'was a great post Jahteh. It made me very happy when I read it this morning.

    Most kind Brian. Raise a glass for me tonight if you please. Retirement far away. I live to expensively.

  10. Look at Little Jo! gorgeous :)
    Milanos, love it!
    I like the nice prezzies you got... I hope you got lots of hugs too (((Andrew)))

  11. Thanks Cazzie. Sweet.