Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Like

A classified personal ad.

Also, looking for some nice slave boys who are not shy in front of a camera. I'm not into Asian or Indian or Poz or with no pics... If u don't like that...Well i couldn't give a fuck

Does this sound like a nice person? Someone anyone would like to meet? No pics ok, but the rest is pretty vile. I am not talking about what someone's preference is but how they state it. Why make it so negative and clearly set out to make people feel inferior?

Rephrased, 'I prefer similar', (to himself and hopefully he gave his own description) is a non offensive way to express exactly the same thing without the put downs.

Poz mean HIV positive. No one is who is not monogamous, and many have lied about this, can guarantee that they are HIV negative. Practice safe sex. Besides, there are code words in personals such as 'healthy' or 'clean'.

Why personal classifieds allow such wording, I do not know.


  1. Anonymous2:14 am

    Andrew, This probably explains WHY he's having to advertize for some sort of fun and companionship.


  2. Kind of reminds me of that German bloke who advertised for a young man to come round, have sex with him, be murdered and then eaten. Apparently the response was surprisingly good considering the somewhat blunt nature of the advertisement, the final 'candidate' apparently ending up on his dinner plate. The mind boggles sometimes, it really does.

  3. At least the advertisment makes it clear how offensive he is so that you can be spared the displeasure of meeting him.

  4. Hiya David. Maybe, but picking up on the net is pretty common here, less so in England I think. I was just reading the other day how picking up in bars is dying. Not so in England I think. Nice to hear from you.

    Brian, I understand fantasies, but I don't understand acting out extreme ones.

    Indeed Victor. I just stumbled across the ad (he said defensively).

    Yep Dina. Racism in the so called gay community is rife but only among certain types. It needs to be stomped on. I do so where I can.