Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Phone

It has been ten months since my mobile phone contract ended. In spite of enticements by Telstra I just let it slide until I was ready. I did not want to sign up to another two year contract for a higher price and a phone I did not really want. I looked at 3 but they did not have a phone I liked for a price I liked. I looked at Ebay every so often and informed myself.

While an Iphone might be nice, I am no longer a label queen, as I said when I asked for my birthday a Thomson MP3 player rather than an Ipod.

I saw a phone advertised on tram and bus shelters earlier this year. I liked the look of it. I never enter competitions but I did enter one to win this phone. I was confident that I would win it, but it never arrived.

Every so often I mentioned to R about me buying a new phone, thinking aloud really, but I know he has a threshold before he says, for god's sake just buy one. He bought a slider phone in Singapore last year and I liked his phone and its system. Given I have owned the same brand phone over six phones and I am used to them, feeling comfortable with a different brand such as R's, was important to me. R's phone had to have a 'skippy plug', a power plug adapter for Australia. I laughed when the cute salesman called it that.

All that I was now undecided about was that weight and size of the new phone would be more than my old one. Oh well, maybe I won't be able to carry it in my shirt pocket.

Onto Ebay. Plenty of them, mostly locked, meaning they are locked into a service provider. While you can pay to get them unlocked, too much bother.

For less than one hundred dollars more I found a unlocked model, four weeks old. I asked the seller a couple of questions about it and he responded quickly, albeit very briefly. Not English as a first language I think. He was in Queensland. Sounded ok and I bought it.

The money promptly disappeared from my bank account and the phone arrived soon after. The packaging was original and complete although a little knocked around. The phone was clearly older than four weeks. The back had some wear marks on it but the front was perfect. All the bits were there.

In the phone were photos of himself I guess, and one of his female friend, along with a photo of a sliver tray and again I am guessing, his unit's backyard. Also was his Toowoomba home address and a couple of other text messages in I think Indonesian.

However, part of the deal was, 'I will throw in a memory card for free', a large one I recall. The memory card was not with the phone.

I sent him a message via Ebay and he did not respond. I let it go for a few days and took another look at his profile. Odd, his profile has been deregistered. His initials had no connection to the very higher Anglo name he was trading under. I sent him another message with no response.

I looked at Ebay's dispute resolution process. I found an Ebay user's message board and asked whether I should proceed with a complaint. I received some good advice and information. I am not going to bother with with a complaint. I am not prepared to put in the time.

Today I bought a memory card suitable for my purposes for less than $20. The seller has been deregistered so it won't happen to anyone else.

Oddly the seller had a perfect buy and sell record on Ebay, of around forty trades but I think he was buying and selling for someone else.

However, I am delighted with my new phone. It is not too heavy for my shirt pocket, the camera is magnificent and has a flash. Google maps are there, as is a GPS, currency and measurement converters et al. It is touch screen. Touch the screen and something happens, or drag your finger across the screen and things scroll or move. It has a slide out keypad too. And it looks nice with very bright and colourful screen. All I need is more time to play with it. Looks like I did not need an MP3 player, as the phone seems able to do that very well too.

Ah, so this is it, a Samsung Ultra Touch or S8300 or if you are in Europe or the UK, an Ultra Tocco. Mine has a black and not red keypad but it still has the red trim.


  1. It looks very flash.

  2. Ooooooo very pretty!

  3. Oooh Shiny and you'll need those slave boys to push the little buttons.

  4. i hear these stories time and time and time again with regards to buying goods off ebay. I now refuse to buy anything over about $50 off ebay, just to be on the safe side.

    If you paid via paypal you could lodge a dispute with them as the goods were not as described.

    I'm glad you like your phone though :)

  5. Victor, not so flash person carrying a flash phone.

    Jayne, you chickie babes can have your baubles. My decoration is my mobile.

    Jahteh, care to share one of yours?

    Fenz, I can't be bothered lodging a complaint. I was stupid. My instinct told me not to go ahead and I ignored. I was lucky I got the phone for a good price.

  6. You are up on things - how long does it take to set up? you have a 10year old living nearby?

  7. Wasn't too hard to do the basics MC. Playing with it and discovering new things is fun.