Friday, October 09, 2009

Dirty Blind

No, not dirty blonde. Dirty venetian blinds. Ours. Filthy. Not been touched for ten years. Look ok yes, until you actually look at them. Disgusting.

Contacted our building management company and asked who they use. A company in South Oakleigh.

$20 per blind sounds reasonable plus $60 same day pick up and delivery and it probably is. But multiply $20 by 9 plus $60 is $230. Still, much cheaper than new blinds. I hated these cheap blinds when we moved here. They don't close tightly like those we installed in the various places we lived, and the slats are incredibly thin. I have grown used to them and they are in good condition apart from being dirty.

Arranged for them to be cleaned next Wednesday, then realised it is my birthday. Nice present.


  1. A new way of getting blind for your birfday :P

  2. Pun unintended I am sure Jayne.

  3. So do they take them for a whole day..or two days? Not a bad price really, you would not want to clean them yourself secondary to them being frail and easy to bend...yukk :)

    I hope you get a better gift than the cleaning of blinds for you birthday Andrew :)
    Haha Jayne!

  4. Pick up 8am, return 1.30pm the same day Cazzie. Not bad at all.