Sunday, October 04, 2009

Day 1,820 and Grooving in Glen Eira Road

This is about the 1820th Sunday I have missed church in a row. Mother made sure I made it for my baptism. Today I can blame the start of daylight saving. I was well aware it started today. I arose at just before seven, made coffee, turned the radio on and sat at the computer. This is what I always do if I don't have to go to work.

At 7.01 I glanced around at the wall clock and wondered why the news was not on the radio. Maybe the clock is a minute fast. Bloody Macca droning on and on. I looked around again. Why is there no news? I looked at the bottom of the screen and the clock said 8.02. I was enlightened. No news because the upsized super mega news starts at a quarter to eight and finishes at eight. The start of daylight saving of course.

Over the course of the day clocks have been reset. We screwed up R's pvr because we set it hurriedly as we were going out and managed to forget it was a twenty four hour clock, so he has no trash to watch in his bedroom as preset recording failed to proceed.

Phone handset and answer machine (why can't they speak to each other). Air con remote. Two tvs. Two pvrs. Three bedside alarm clocks. Microwave. Vcr. Dvd recorder. Two car clocks. Mantle clock. Wall clock. Two mobile phones.

What we no longer have to adjust are personal organisers, oven, lighting timers

The day in brief, returned the tv wall bracket and bought some opals for R's sisters in England for my Sis In Law to take at the end of this month. We bought from an opal shop in Swanston Street our crazy neighbour downstairs owns. She started the business in 1963 at the now demolished Southern Cross Hotel. Friends said she was crazy to set up a shop to sell Australiana to tourists. She is from The Lebanon and an expert in gems and fossils. To me she seems to be a stereotypically Jewish trader. She spied us looking in the front window of the shop and 'My darling boys, come in. I show you my fossilised coral. Opals? Yes, of course I give my neighbours a special price, but first see how amethyst in its raw state'. Meanwhile she had her Asian staff running hither and thither and then despatched one to So Cross Station with a jacket a customer had left behind. I would say she could talk the leg off an iron pot but R said she could talk a glass eye to sleep. She is great though and very smart. Recommend Abbess Opal Mine.

Ok, I said brief.

R bought my birthday present in advance from Dick Smiff Electronics. Don't worry, I will give you good notice of my birthday and where to send expensive gifts. Harvey Norman only had brand names. While I might have been a bit of a label queen in the past, I am not longer and quite content with my excellent Thomson Mp3 player, rather than an Ipod. Btw, I have bought a new mobile phone on Ebay. More later.

On to the Southbank market. No painted gnomes, cartoons or bearded Lords to be seen. Bought a picture for home to hang where the tv was supposed to sit on the wall.

Out for dinner to an Indian restaurant in Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea. The old one had an open tandoor oven and the building went up like a Hindu widow a while ago. The new much smaller version is almost across the road. The full on religious odd bods in black coats and large furry hats were parading the local streets, and they were just the pre teen lads. No Jewish women to be seen on the street on a Sunday night. Why? I expect these people in that location. I did not expect a nightclub and doof doof next door to the restaurant or young people in clubbing clobber hanging around the street. A night club in Glen Eira Road Ripponlea. Who would have thunk that would happen.

Our food was excellent as was the service. There were about ten of us. We were ostensibly celebrating the late Dame M's birthday and it is just around the corner from where her Boarder now lives. I was the only one who mentioned her birthday, raise your glass to Dame M.

For good reasons we have been going to Bala Da Dhaba in Ripponlea for Indian tucker for many years. Recommend it.


  1. Anonymous12:38 am

    Dame M would be smiling right now to see you raised a glass for her birthday..and rightly so, she had a great friend in you :)
    Indian tucker..yumm, I have the munchies here on night shift now.

  2. Hopefully not too busy on Sunday night for you.

  3. "up like a Hindu widow" oh I snorked when you said that.
    I know the date and the address, but 'expensive gifts' umm, only if lotto win precedes.
    From the list of timers above, you are pretty right for possessions.

    For gift givers, let me commend the Sydney store online.
    They have these great table mats with The Last Supper on them. $18 for a tear-off pad of 50. To compensate for your lack of church on Sundays, I would get you that (yes I am a Remo member - look for my name when you buy and get me a gold star) but they are too big for your letterbox.
    mwah mwah

  4. I shall saunter up Swanston St and have a gander at Abbess Opal Mine with Feral Beast :)

  5. Does your upcoming birthday make you a Scorpio like moi?

  6. Most kind MS to offer to share your Tattslotto winnings with me. You are right, I don't need much.

    Worth a look Jayne.

    Nope Evol, Libra.

  7. Happy early birthday.

    I wish we had good Indian food here.

  8. Thanks Dina. Our Indian food is certainly superior to what is served in England, from my observations anyway.