Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clifton Hill After Lunch

Ok, I have done Clifton Hill Before Lunch. Here is the rest, After Lunch.

What a nasty looking vehicle parked in the street. I want some brake fluid to spoil its paintwork.

I walked down Gold Street which brought me to the lovely Darling Gardens. It almost had everything I require in a park, green grass, deciduous trees, and a rotunda. Alas no pretty flower beds. The shot tower in Alexandra Parade was built in 1882.

I walked along North Terrace and admired some of the houses.

At the corner of Hoddle Street I pressed the walk button just before the lights turned to green for traffic to cross Hoddle Street but the walk did not light. I waited for the next cycle and then understood why. The lights have a 'head off' walk signal, that is the walk comes up for long enough for pedestrians to get onto the roadway before the lights change to green for the traffic. Very sensible and should be more widespread. I crossed Hoddle Street to this automated train level crossing. I remember when a man used to operate these gates manually by turning a wheel something like a ship steering wheel in the signal box.

The street has changed its name to Ramsden Street. On the far side of signal box looking west was a billboard with a raised platform behind it and it was from here that Julian Knight started his fifteen minute shooting spree, killing and wounding people, before moving north towards High Street and Queens Parade.

It was a very pleasant walk along Ramsden Street. Lot of home renovation activity and the houses were generally well maintained. Yes, the ubiquitous mothers and prams abounded. These Tibetan prayer flags had seen better days. I like their decay.

These blue bricks are unusual. At the rear of the house is what looks to be old horse stables converted to housing.

We can see these two domes from our place at night when they are lit up. So what building is it? I could find out myself but I give you the chance to show off your knowledge. Looking east.

There are lots of little groups of local shops for local people in Clifton Hill. They have disappeared from many suburbs.

After walking the length of Ramsden Street, I turned left into Yambla Street. What is now Quarries Park used to be where the brick quarry was. Beyond the park is Merri Creek just before it joins the Yarra River. It is a duty of all Clifton Hill residents to love and cherish Merri Creek.

Left into Wright Street and right in Fenwick Street. Ah, Fenwick Street was where the boyfriend and his sister of the Fijian Indian partner of the ex NT politician owned a house and sold a month or so ago.

Left into Spensley Street. Many years ago we had a friend who was a good bit older than us. She was a good catholic. She smoked and drank to excess on Saturday night and then attended mass on Sunday. She was rewarded with cheap church accommodation for old people in Spensley Street.

Now at the roundabout at Spensley and Berry Street. I wonder if this is the Berry Street where the children's accommodation is? Educate me if you want. Very grand looking pub, but of course everyone is sitting in nearby cafes with plenty of mothers with prams about.

I am now approaching Clifton Hill Station for the journey home. A beggar lass now approached me for money. I said no in the nicest possible manner. She understood no and did not pull a knife, mace or battery acid.

Many newish apartment buildings line John Street, on the eastern side of the station.

This side of the station is newer and cheaply constructed but it is sympathetic to the old on the other side. Of course it doesn't work, but better than nothing.

Is Clifton Hill a good place for Mutant to live? By my observations, he will be among his own kind and wider society. That can't be a bad thing. In spite of the blight of the road bridges, Clifton Hill is nice. I look forward to his whinges about finding a parking space at the local shops and having a bad knee from an assault by a mother with a large pram.


  1. Seriously, those prams are more deadly than a tank, I know who I'd be sending in to defend our town...a mother, with a pram sans baby but before her morning coffee fix!

  2. Imagine them spread ten across. A formidable barrier to any invader. I laugh when they cannot get the monsters on a tram because they are too wide.

  3. Although you refer to all those mothers and prams there are few signs of people or activity in your photographs.

    Were you there on a Sunday?

  4. Victor, I don't like myself getting incidentally snapped, so I try to avoid doing it to others and I try not to get passing cars into my photos too. In the shot tower/park photo, there were kids everywhere. I just waited until they were clear. However, there are circumstances when I aim and click at someone ;-) It was a weekday. Maybe I should include more activity.

  5. First one in one the domes, lucky me! I love a good quiz I do, now let me think hmmm, Doncaster Shoppingtown, no, I think not, is it this joint ?

  6. Fair enough, Andrew. You know what we pushy Sydney-siders are like. If we are not part of a crowd we think armageddon has arrived.

  7. Great pics, thanks for the walk with you Andrew... I love those terrace houses too btw.

  8. yes, that was a lovely walk, thanks. i really like the railway crossing pic, theres one on beach rd brighton like that too.
    i try not to accidentally snap people with my camera, but i do like crowd shots, so often i will snap people from behind. i walk around waving it (the camera) so anyway who hates the idea can scurry away.

  9. Shoppingtown is huge now Ian, not that I have seen it. And you are correct. That is the building. St something school is it?

    I would be hard pressed to do the same in inner Sydney Victor.

    There were quite a few Cazzie.

    Thanks Poet. There is a railway crossing closed at the bottom of Bay Street is it? Is that the one you mean? Easier for women to take snaps. Males my age have to be careful with cameras when kids are around.

  10. yeah i think thats the one i mean...on beach road heading toward the hampton petrol station, used to be a solo.
    i know what you mean about taking snaps tho:) i wish i could do what the sartorialist blog does, he just walks up and asks people and has some great portraits as a result

  11. We have a nowadays-automated signal box/railway crossing just like the one in your photograph near us. Only ours is still white as opposed to being a billboard for the local vandals.

  12. Poet, I said Bay Street but it is not Bay Street. I could check, but no matter. You can see it from the beach road. Re photos, once at a drag ball I did what the guy you mentioned did. If I saw someone I liked the look of, I barrelled up and complimented them and asked if I could take their photo. Not one knockback. Now what had I taken that made me so brave? I can't recall but there was champers in the car park and some rolling of 'ciggies' I think.

  13. Brian, it would go like this. If the railways wanted to demolish the unused signal box, there would be an uproar. Instead they will let it fall into extreme disrepair and then locals will beg for it to be demolished. Pleased to hear there are no graffiti vandals in England. Actually, I never noticed any. Plenty in Paris as you arrive by train.

  14. It's Wilsmere in Kew that joint, am sure of that, they've all gotten bigger those shopping centres, my parents keep me well informed on that topic.

  15. I like that you said that you like the decay of the flags.

    It's funny how decay can actually be beautiful sometimes.

  16. Andrew,

    We have plenty of graffitti vandals in Blighty. Only we call 'em 'urban planners'.

  17. Of course it is Ian. Just testing.

    It can indeed Dina.

    What Brian? A planned urban environment? How odd!

  18. What a wonderful tour...thank you muchly - I felt the same when I saw that scary 4wdrive thing - it looks angry - some cars have a friendlier face - but this is all grimace and righteous can tell... I remember our old Hillman Imp and then the Morris Oxford - they looked kindly as if they were happy to give way - saying Excuse me...

  19. They are designed to look aggressive MC. I loved the old Morrys, not so much the Imps.

  20. I'm satisfied with your Clifton Hill report. Not so sure I want to live there now though as it all looks a little too clean and family friendly really. Personally I'd rather the urine soaked alleyways of Fitzroy, but what can you do, huh?

    Oh and the pub you've featured is to be my new local - already had a feed and a brew there and thought it was alright. Shall I meet you there for a pint later on?

  21. Ah well, not too far away from Fitzroy. I assume you are moving to near the pub. Nice little area. I'll just add meeting you to the list today which no way am I going to get through.

  22. I think the two domes were the Kew Cottages? And no, the Berry Street Baby's Home is in East Melbourne

    1. CB, I am fairly sure the domes we can see from home at at Sacred Heart, corner of Glenferrie and Cotham Roads in Kew, but I am sure you are correct about the the ones in the photo being Kew Cottages. Thanks for the correction on Berry Street.